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An interest in business and agricultural studies has always taken some form throughout my life, whether it was running a farm in seventh grade, building a mentoring program during freshmen year or acting as the treasurer for National Honors Society. At first I was learning to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and then determining how to sell them in order to achieve a net profit. Later I studied how to successfully construct a budget for a new mentoring class at our school and this year I have studied the complex theories of economics and management taking place on a worldwide scale. These experiences have built my passion for Applied Economics and Management at Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Sciences. This specific college has the classes and professors that demonstrate the same interests I am looking for in college. Although I have already gained a great amount of business knowledge, my studies have also taught me about the endless approaches and lenses in which you can view a business problem. Whether it be to delve into the mind of the consumer and understand what makes a product stand out among others, or how to create a self-sufficient farm system that can lower the hunger rate in a district. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences stands out since nothing excites me more than taking AEM 3020-Farm Business Management with Professor Knoblauch discussing the tools of managerial analysis and agricultural decision. I want to join AEM 3440-Consumer Behavior with Professor Wansink to learn the importance of customer influence analysis, and formulate my own hypotheses on how a product should be structured in a fast-moving agricultural market. These aspects of business and economics are far from the simple net-profit theorem I was working with in 7th grade, but it’s information I love. Professors at Cornell such as Andrew Novakovic who has a unique insight about the dairy industry and of agricultural markets of the future, confirm why Cornell is the right choice for where I...

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2054 words - 9 pages have to be built around the globe to achieve a meaningful impact on CO2 emissions” (446). The author concludes that nuclear energy is not a good energy source to use, due to its costs and risks. In general, the essay presents a good point, but it doesn’t really answer the question. However, the article can be a good supplement to the yes side argument to assess that is nuclear energy really “green.”

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4109 words - 16 pages : Cornell UP, 1973. Weisstein, Eric. "Galen of Pergamum (ca. 130-ca. 200)." <http://www.treasure->. Wischik, Marcus. "To what extent is modern medical theory and practice influenced by its more primitive forms?" < marcus/essay/med2.html>.

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Cornell Supplement Essay

657 words - 3 pages tackle the world. They know they have the preparation they need to succeed, and they have the drive to reach for their goals and to empower those around them to follow in their footsteps. ILR students are creators, innovators, reformers, advocators, analyzers, advisors, and- above all else- leaders. At Cornell, I too could be a leader.

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