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Cornell University Entre Essay To The Electrical Engineering Program

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Electricity is such an elusive thing. It drives our modern world and it is the source of power for all most all of the devices in the world. Being from Bangladesh, I can understand the importance of electricity better than people from most other countries. Bangladesh has a huge electricity crisis and due to the lack of electricity, the country cannot go forward. About 60% of the population do not have access to electricity. But that is not say the resources are not there. I have always felt that the components are there to resolve this major electricity crisis but it's just that the expertise and the idea is not there to tackle this obstacle. So growing up, I wanted to contribute something ...view middle of the document...

The goal I have set for myself is definitely not an easy one. I believe it can revolutionize the crisis in not only Bangladesh, but also in many other affected countries. Hence, I need to attain great working knowledge of my field and this where I feel that Cornell Engineering can help me obtain this aim. The Electrical Engineering program at Cornell University has technical foundations in Physics, Computers and Math. These subjects covers topics like circuits, networks etc. which is essential for me to learn in order to bring my dream into fruition. A much stronger allure to Cornell Engineering is the exceptional research opportunities at Cornell. Almost more than half of Cornell faculty consists of undergraduate students who co-author research papers and meet the greatest minds of our generation. Furthermore, Cornell strongly encourages application of knowledge obtained in classroom to the outside world. Hence, Cornell provides credits and even pays for research conducted even at an undergraduate level. If I am fortunately accepted, I...

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