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Coronary Artery Disease Essay

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Coronary Artery Disease, also known as CAD, is the most common form of heart disease. (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009) Coronary Artery Disease obstructs the blood flow in vessels that provides blood to the heart which is caused by the buildup of plaque on the artery walls. (Rogers, 2011, p.87) (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009) Plaque is a yellow substance that consists of fat substances, like cholesterol, and narrows or clogs the arteries which prevents blood flow. (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009) Plaque can build up in any artery but usually favors large and medium sized arteries. (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009)

Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease include shortness of breath, pain, dizziness, angina, heart attack. (Nordqvist, 2013) (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009) Angina is a pain or discomfort in the chest when the heart receives a reduction of blood and oxygen. (Nordqvist, 2013)

If Coronary Artery Disease is left untreated, it can result in heart attack, stroke and even death. (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009) A heart attack occurs when the heart does not receive enough blood and causes a coronary artery to be blocked. (Nordqvist, 2013)

Treatments for CAD include drugs and medical procedures. Some medicines used to treat Coronary Artery disease include cholesterol-modification medicines, aspirin, beta blockers, Nitroglycerin, ACE and calcium channel blockers. (Mayo Clinic, 2013) Cholesterol-modification medicines decrease the amount of cholesterol in the blood which minimizes the amount of material that build up on the coronary arteries. (Mayo Clinic, 2013) Aspirin works as a blood thinner which reduces your risk of a blood clot. (Mayo Clinic, 2013) Beta blockers reduce your risk of future heart attacks by decreasing your blood pressure which lowers the oxygen amount you heart needs. (Mayo Clinic, 2013) ...

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