Corporal Punishment And Abuse Essay

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“It hurts and it’s painful inside – it’s like breaking your bones; it’s loud and sore, and it stings; it feels like you’ve been adopted or something and you’re not part of their family; you feel like you don’t like your parents anymore; you feel upset because they are hurting you, and you love them so much, and then all of a sudden they hit you and you feel as though they don’t care about you” (Pritchard 9). These are the feelings of those juveniles who suffer from corporal punishment. Corporal punishment has been one of the main topics of research in Psychology in last few decades. Although people had believed, “Spare the rod and spoil the child” but in the present age of science, research has revealed that the corporal punishment causes more harm to the children instead of having a positive effect on them. According to UNICEF, “Corporal punishment is actually the use of physical measures that causes pain but no wounds, as a means of enforcing discipline” (1). It includes spanking, squeezing, slapping, pushing and hitting by hand or with some other instruments like belts etc. But it is different from physical abuse in which punishment result in wounds and the objective is different from teaching the discipline. Although Corporal punishment is considered to be a mode of teaching discipline and expeditious acquiescence, however, it leads to the disruption of parent-child relationship, poor mental health of juveniles, moral internalization along with their anti-social and aggressive behaviour and it is against the morality of humans.
Juveniles are just like naïve “B-cells of body”; they learn from everything to which they come across. They learn from the people around them and do so what is taught to them by their guiders. In terms of learning and observing, parents are the role-model of their children. Vital role of parents in the development of their children cannot be denied. But over the course of history, there have been the tradition of corporal punishment of these young and innocent children by their parents to assert parental will on them. When parents hit their children due to some reason it leaves very hostile impact on them. Parents have to set the example of empathy and wisdom for their children. One of their responsibilities is to teach their children to be tolerant, not to hit anyone and not to misbehave with any person. On one hand, they give all these lessons to their offspring, while, on the other hand, they punish their children physically whenever they do any mistake. Parent hands are to nurture their children not to beat them. So in such circumstances how can children consider their parents as their role models? When children are hit and slapped by their parents it promotes the feeling of insolence and abhorrence in them. They think that their parents do not love them and thus a sense of fear prevails in the victims mind. Gershoff in her research paper on corporal punishment states that “The painful nature of corporal punishment...

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This paper is a review on a Journal Article entitled "Corporal punishment by parents and associated child behaviors and experiences: a meta-analytic and theoretical review" by Elizabeth Gershoff.

1239 words - 5 pages the form of a meta-analysis, which is a combination of data from several studies to produce a single estimate. She begins by explaining how corporal punishment differs from physical abuse. In the article, she uses Straus's definition of corporal punishment that says, "Corporal punishment is the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain but not injury for the purposes of correction and control of the child's

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1380 words - 6 pages essay is personal and entertaining. Although Pitts’s main purpose is to convince his audience why corporal punishment, such as spanking, should not be considered as a form of child abuse. He also took it on himself to explain the distinction between minor and harsher corporal punishment. Pitts entertained his audience through his personal view of corporal punishment. He said: “I’ve seen too many children behave with too grand a sense of

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2410 words - 10 pages studies have been conducted, the effects of the law are evident. The number of referrals of child maltreatment cases have declined to one-sixth of the 1970 rate, and the Swedish rate of child death due to abuse is less than one-third the American rate (Durrant). Also, a highly credible study revealed that by 1971, 35% of Swedes favored corporal punishment. In 1994, a national study shows that this number has dropped to only 11%. Over the course of

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