“Corporal Punishment Can Hurt: The Evidence"

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This paper will be focusing on the various motives,circumstances,and effects that violent video games have on children to adolescents.In addition to the reasoning and various aspects of studies, this paper will go into an in depth analysis of several studies and provide critical and incisive thoughts on violent video games. As well as to illuminate positive effects of violent video games. While providing possible ways to combat negative effects of violent video games in children.
In the book, "Grand Theft Childhood" Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson reveal that most statements and opinions of violent video games are just that; opinions. A vast majority of reports and opinions were loosely constructed,in regards to actual study practice and lacked concise experiments or statistical information to reinforce conclusion. Some opinions didn't even have any concrete facts or studies, just allocations or beliefs parents may have irrationally concocted with the aid of dramatic media or news reports. Eventually leading to Kutner and Olson,being concerned parents and directors of the Harvard Medical School Center, lead to the conduction of a series of studies using surveys on teenage boys and their parents to gauge any correlation between violent tendency and violent video gameplay time.The overall motivation and purpose of the study is not to discredit or prove whether other studies are "correct" or "incorrect" but whether to provide perspective and understanding towards the subject.
Kutner and Olson (2008) had, a rather adequate number of kids to survey, of 1,254 of teens and pre-teens (590) kids from South Carolina and (664) from Pennsylvania. With this decent amount of students,Kutner and Olson possessed a diverse line-up of student ranging in many ethnicities and classes of life needed to accurately portray the childhood demographic. Many key topic areas and questions needed to be developed and ask to properly obtain clear and concise data for the experiment. Kutner and Olson collected data on gameplay habits during a typical week and even the environment kids often chose ie.,if they went to friends house or played alone, discovering that games have more of a central role for boys than girls.The authors also collected data on game popularity between boys and girls noting that despite the age differences the correlation was the same in regards to gender of the kids. Meaning that "as many twelve year-olds played M rated games as did fourteen year-olds"(pg. 92).Most importantly when asked to list the top five games played in the last six months 1,126 of the 1,254 kids had at least one M rated game,most had more.
Realizing and ascertaining the true value of the data,that M rated games aren't just being played by adults but large portion of all age groups seems concerning at the very least.Furthermore adding gravity to the belief that children model after the things they are constantly exposed to,leads me to empathize with the utter anxiety parents may...

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