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Corporal punishment (CP) is the archaic method of curbing unsuitable behaviour by deliberately inflicting pain without injury. CP normally goes by the names: "beating," "hitting," "spanking," "paddling," "swatting," and "caning." (Benatar 1) Originating in Europe for minor judicial and educational misconducts in the 11th century, CP was a cruel and abusive way of correcting improper behaviour. CP principles were no different than classical conditioning, with pain as the stimulus. CP was far the most popular form of punishment until English philosopher John Locke stirred up some controversy with his paper, Some Thoughts Concerning Education around the late 1700s. Locke questioned the idea of corporal punishment being central to education, with emphasis on educational institutions in place of nurturing parents to bring up proper, law-abiding citizens. This brought a whole new view to CP, one the world never saw before. Subsequently after much debate, Poland banned all forms of CP in 1783, hoping to bring worldwide attention and reform to this unforeseen problem.Overtime, psychologists completed many studies on CP and it's harmful effects. After much deliberation and debate, the consensus was CP is greatly more harmful than first thought. (Benatar 1*) CP provides no edge over any other non-abusive disciplinary strategy in existence in regards to responsiveness and deterrence from misconducts. Therefore, alternate measures should be sought, tried and tested to replace CP as a form of corrective quality.A fundamental reason against CP no distinction and boundary between how much pain constitutes corrective behaviour from abuse. Without this fine line, (and a method in which to accurately measure pain inflicted in an ethical custom) CP is seen as violation to human rights internationally. CP is also considered sexual abuse if the afflicted area is the buttock. This reaction has brought forth the notion to ban CP principles indefinitely in all industrialized countries and beyond. (UN "Conventions on the Rights of a Child")"... relatively ineffective, is degrading, is psychologically damaging,stems from and causes sexual deviance, teaches the wrong lesson,arises from and causes poor relationships between teachers(or parents) and children; and does not deter the child from actingin such a manner again." (Benatar 2)Some argue that with proper use and dosage, CP is an effective and sufficient method of dealing with inappropriate behaviour. (Gershoff) In reality, psychologists have proven no matter the amount CP is harmful in the long run. (Wikipedia) The latter is further authenticated by a study in Sweden where grandparents who had exercised CP on their children gave the future-parents a greater tendency to exact CP on their own children in forms of retribution and revenge. (Benatar 2a)Psychologically, CP can lead to training children to use violence as a means of resolving conflicts or correcting behaviour, and creating a sense of fear between the child...

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Corporal Punishment Essay

920 words - 4 pages corporal punishment and the availability of far better disciplinary methods, it is important that school district provide the leadership necessary to eliminate this form of punishment in all schools across the nation. Corporal punishment in schools leads to greater intolerance and condones using physical violence. The evidence indicates that failing to do eliminate corporal punishment will jeopardize the health and happiness of many children and will heighten the already high levels of violence in America society.

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1054 words - 4 pages , Ph. D., C. Richard. "Corporal Punishment in Schools." A Position Paper of the Society for Adolescent Medicine. 1992. 8 October 2001. .Milligan, Jessie. "The State of Paddling: Corporal Punishment legal in Texas." NCLive. 1999. Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service. 8 October 2001. .Straus, Mary A., and Kantor, Glenda Kaufman. "." Corporal Punishment of Adolescents by Parents: A Risk Factor in the Epidemiological of Depression.... 8 October 2001. Health Source: Consumer Edition. .

Corporal Punishment

1896 words - 8 pages or positive reinforcement instead of punishment. should not even be a topic of discussion in schools today. Hence, with certainty and assurance corporal punishment affects an individual physical, emotional and mental health causing their behavior to change and as a result bringing demise to society. The Emotional Impact of Corporal Punishment on Students Where as many may argue that students who experience corporal punishment will be emotionally

Corporal Punishment

1989 words - 8 pages to the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, in the 1997 to 1998 school year there were over 135,000 cases of abuse to black students and under 200,000 cases to white students, although, the ratio to blacks and whites in schools is much lower (NCACPS: Black Students 1).According to the Society for Adolescent Medicine, corporal punishment has not been proven as an effective method to punish children.Physically punishing children

Corporal Punishment of Children Should be Banned

2447 words - 10 pages leading to a brighter adulthood. On the other side of the situation, there are still many parents considering corporal punishment as a good tool for disciplining unruly children. They argue that with rapid and profound changes in society make parents have to teach their children a faster and more effective way, which means "the 'uncivilized' practice of whipping children produced more civilized young people" (Williams). Under the circumstance

Corporal Punishment

1770 words - 7 pages litigation against school boards and educators regarding its use, and legislative bans (Society for Adolescent Medicine, 2003). Twenty-seven states banned corporal punishment, making this type of abuse a criminal act. According to the Society for Adolescent Medicine (1992) states that banned corporal punishment practice alternative methods, such as instructions on the deleterious short and long-term consequences of corporal punishment, having an ample

Corporal Punishment in Schools

1319 words - 6 pages discipline them. Surely this barbaric idea to teach kids respect the adult must use force should not be relevant. How can we expect people beaten down as children to rise up as adults in society at a consistent rate? I’ll end with a quote by Ellen Key, "Corporal punishment is as humiliating for him who gives it as for him who receives it; it is ineffective besides. Neither shame nor physical pain have any other effect than a hardening one.” Works

Striking a Child with an Open Hand on the Buttocks

2559 words - 11 pages this antisocial lesson beaten into them are more likely to exhibit violent behavior later in life” (O’Callaghan). Corporal punishment is related to a child’s disobedience later in life. “Although many parents view beatings as terrible and spankings as essentially harmless, Straus and other psychologists believe that spanking is dangerous in its own right. Not only does it teach kids that "might makes right," but it causes fear, anger, pain, and

Corporal Punishment

602 words - 2 pages punishment is still being used. It is by no means radical to suggest that this form of punishment should be removed completely. It offers no benefits to society, but rather keeps it from advancing to new heights. It is our children that will form society in the future, and it is not acceptable for them to be treated in a manner in accordance with corporal punishment. By using corporal punishment to discipline our children, we are in effect punishing society as a whole. There is no other conclusion to be reached except that corporal punishment cannot and should not be used.


945 words - 4 pages , rehabilitation does offer a way to braid the inmates back into a successful life inside our communities, but just as corporal punishment does not have a 100% success rate, its friend rehabilitation lacks it as well. As a society we have to find ways to lower the costs of prisons on our fellow man and to be able to have inmates return to society in a productive manner. Rehabilitation seems to be the most modern weapon of choice for our modern and more

Corporal Punishment in American Homes

1632 words - 7 pages punishment is an easy way out for parents that do not necessarily want to teach their children the difference between right and wrong.     Corporal punishment does not necessarily get to the core of the problem. Although corporal punishment may work as an immediate form of discipline, it can affect a child’s long-term behavior. Discipline is used to mold a child and to teach kids how to behave, which will eventually prepare them for society.     The

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Corporal Punishment Essay

2922 words - 12 pages all human beings (Nicholson, Anderson, Fox & Brenner, 2002, pp. 362~371). Then, the infringement of children's rights means somebody violated the children's rights. Corporal punishment is an infringement of children's rights. It should be forbidden in families and schools. This essay will discuss three major arguments which includes that corporal punishment is an uncivilized action, it hurts children physically and it hurts children

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1324 words - 5 pages Don't Make Me Count or Else!Almost every child has heard the quote: " Don't make me count or else," or at least a similar threat. Throughout the US and other countries, the use of corporal punishment has been a common and integrated part of rearing children; however, the topic has collided into a highly heated debate about the effectiveness. How effective is corporal punishment in our society today? Corporal Punishment is defined as "an act by a

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2410 words - 10 pages spanking were most likely spanked as children, and vice versa. Using this type of punishment today continues the cycle into the next generation, and so on. If parents can break the cycle today, society as a whole will benefit in the future. According to the American Public Health Association, corporal punishment of children may be a causal factor underlying abusive behavior during adulthood. This is not to say that if a child is spanked in their youth

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1874 words - 8 pages to low IQ level, children who suffered from physical punishment by their parents could not perform well in their school and lag behind. Their poor performance is depicted by their low grades; despite the fact that they try their best but could not achieve appropriate results due to this archetypal and codswallop tradition of corporal punishment of the society. Furthermore, another adverse consequence of corporal punishment of juveniles by their