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Corporate Dilemma: Information Technology Has Changed Communication

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IT has contributed significantly to the improvement in communication, transportation, and to economic growths, especially for the Western societies (Desai, von der Embse, & Ofori-Brobbey, 2009). Emails, social media, and instant messaging have literary declared the traditional paper-mail mode of communication obsolete. Ken Strutin wrote of the “…brick and mortal world living at right angle to the virtual world” (2011, p. 229), albeit that brick and mortal world receding with its space shrinking.
Furthermore, unlike the human users, due to absence of intuitions, a system would not pause and ask whether it should be doing what it is being instructed to do (Brooks, 2010). With these levels of ...view middle of the document...

2) their accesses and uses. Such information ranges from stakeholders’ contact information to more serious financial, personnel, and trade secret data. According to Brooks, the level of care expected of these managers for some aspects of this information are more than technical or even legal (2010); but because of the extents of their potential for misuses, it requires those in charge of their management to have wider views of their responsibilities. Besides, life is full of trade-offs, and IT environments are not exception to them. The hard question and dilemma for IT managers is what they would do if their superiors use the system to access unethical or borderline illegal sources, or as Brooks found out, these executives passively allows their star employees to use company computers to access and download illicit materials such as child pornography (2010). The IT managers and their staff along would not be able to police the entire IT infrastructure of their organizations and make them sure but requires the whole community of users to be on board with proper uses of the IT resources.
The development of a code of ethics associative with these ethical issues

In order not to stifle creativity and innovation, organizations must strike a balance between the necessary flexibilities that IT users operating in global marketplaces needs while upholding the integrity of the system. The major concerns of IS securities for IT managers are with their internal users and the majority of IT policy violations are by employees (Stanton, Mastrangelo, & Jolton, 2005). D’Arcy, Hovav, and Galletta found that generic ethical codes have little impact on employees who are high in denial of responsibilities (2009). In other word, organizations need codes designed for the dynamic environments within which the 21st century IT are used and their managers work within the larger objectives and resource capabilities of such organizations.
Therefore, when developing ethical codes, whether crafted as a means of deterrence or to incentivize their compliance, Siponen and Vance found that it is not “…the certainty of the formal sanctions that deter intention to misuse IS but the perceived severity of such sanctions” as propagated by the policies, their awareness, and the monitoring mechanisms of IS usages (2010, p. 488). Such codes also need to complement existing legal frameworks such that the ethical policy codes enhance not just the spirit of the law, but the letter of the law (Brooks, 2010). Such codes should cover the gray areas of and patch potential holes in such laws. The other side of discussions regarding development of codes of ethics revolves around who should lead such efforts whom to include in such teams, but there is no doubt that such teams would benefit from diverse sets of minds made of up technical as well as non-technical staff. Payne and Landry noted that today’s IT employees and their managers are more than just technical programmers and data...

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