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Corporate Power: International Management Essay

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Corporate PowerTable of Contents2Table of Contents 3Abstract 4Corporate Basics 4Modern Day Corporations 5Corporate Personhood 6Public View of Corporations 7Women and Corporations 9Corporate Reform 11Corporate Compensation 12Conclusions 16Works Cited AbstractThroughout this paper I will explore various aspects of corporate America, including some specifics of a modern day corporation and the idea of corporate personhood. Secondly I will look at the way the public views corporations. Additionally I will look into the topic of women in the corporate world and corporate reform.While there are many opposing views to the idea of powerful corporations and the chief executives behind them, I will show both sides of the corporate face and explain my stance of the topic. The goal of this paper is to answer the question of where corporations stand today, whether they are too powerful and in need of reform.Corporate BasicsModern Day CorporationsIn the last twenty-five years there has been a sharp upsurge in both corporate risk-taking as well as corporate demand for immunity from uncertainty. These giants have reshaped both Main Street and global commerce by practically eliminating all local mom and pop shops and forming massive multinational firms, such as the telecom companies throughout the world. Their size often gives them the power to dictate to the government as well as manipulate their suppliers. A prime example of this is Wal-Mart, a company selling millions of products at low prices. This corporation has so much buying power that they have often forced their suppliers into selling them products below cost.The global corporations of today stand as the dominant institutional force at the center of human activity. "Through their market power, billions of dollars in campaign contribution, public relations and advertising, and the sheer scale of their operations, corporations create the visions and institution we live by and exert enormous influence over most of the political processes that rule us." Concerns such as community welfare, worker rights, and environmental impacts are out of the equation for many corporations. The main concern for the board of directors is to make their shareholders money, intern making them money. If this means fixing documents and cooking the books, like Enron and many other companies have done, that is too often considered an appropriate action by the boards. From the perspective of company management today the decision whether to obey the law is simply a cost-benefit calculations. Many times the costs of breaking the rules are lower than the costs of following them. A prime example of this is seen with the Environmental Protection Agency and state regulations on pollution. Many companies have found it to be cheaper to pollute beyond their allowed amount and pay a fine rather then eliminate some of their pollutants by using new technology.Corporate PersonhoodCourts have ruled that corporations are "fictitious persons,"...

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