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MANAGING PEOPLEManaging people is about effectively co-ordinating, directing and guiding people towards the achievement of organisational goal.By people we mean board members, managers, workers, shareholders and other stakeholders (public).CORPORATE GOVERNANCECorporate Governance has become a typical issue at the moment and is attracting a good deal of public interest because, of its apparent importance for the economic health of corporations and society in general. This scrutiny was provoked by the Enron, World Com and Tyco scandals.Corporate governance is difficult to define because it potentially covers a large number of economic phenomena and disciplines. With each having different views of corporate governance.SOME COMMON DEFINITIONS ARE:1. "Corporate Governance is a field in economics that investigates how to secure /motivate efficient management of corporation by the use of incentive mechanisms such as, contracts, organisational designs and legislation. This is often limited to the question of improving financial performance. For example, how the corporate owners can secure /motivate that the corporate managers will deliver a competitive rate of return." (Mathiesen 2002)2. "Corporate Governance which can be defined narrowly as the relationship of a company to its shareholders or more broadly as its relationship to society ..." (Financial Times 1997)3. "Corporate Governance describes all the influences affecting the institutional processes, including those for appointing controllers and/or regulators involved in organising the production and sale of goods and services." (Turnbull 1997)Corporate Governance is related to publicly traded, privately held, for profit and not for profit organisations.It should outline the duties, responsibilities and powers of Directors. Directors' interest should be to the stockholders, as well as, stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, creditors and the community. Most times only stockholders interest are managed.THEORIES RELEVANT TO CORPORATE GOVERNANCESimple Finance Model"In the finance view, the central problem in corporate governance is to construct rules and incentives to effectively align behaviour of managers (agent), with the desires of principals (owners)." (Hanley & Williams 1996) The firm and its owners establish the rules and incentives.This can lead to problems when agents and owners have different interests. The agent may be Profit Satisfying that is, "where decision makers in the firm aim for a target level of profit other than the absolute maximum level." (Sloman 2001)To solve this problem all parties must have the same organisational goals. Goals should determine the nature of its inputs and outputs, processes to achieve outputs and interaction with its external environment.The Stewardship ModelIn this model, "managers are good stewards of the corporations and diligently work to attain high levels of corporate profits and shareholders returns." (Donaldson and Davis 1994)They...

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3285 words - 13 pages performing firms frequently announce long-term incentive schemes but do not necessarily follow through and actually use them, particularly when the CEO's influence over the board is high.An interesting branch of corporate governance research explores cross-national differences. Many scholars assume the existence of a continuum of systems ranging from the shareholder-centered view at one extreme, to the stakeholder-centered perspective at the other

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8640 words - 35 pages Corporate Governance: An Ethical Perspective Surendra Arjoon Department of Management Studies The University of the West Indies St. Augustine, Trinidad Phone: 868-645-3232 ext 2105 Fax: 868-662-1140 E-mail: 2 Abstract This paper discusses corporate governance issues from a compliance viewpoint. It makes a distinction between legal and ethical compliance mechanisms and shows that the former has clearly proven to be inadequate

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2029 words - 9 pages Introduction Since almost 2 decades, the corporate governance practices of companies and directors remuneration have been subject to considerable scrutiny. The investors and regulators now are careful to avoid corporate practices that led to this problem, and try to prevent such a tragedy from taking place again. A key issue brought to attention by the crisis was the concern about the pay gap between directors and employees in UK and this

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1880 words - 8 pages organization’s governance system is well controlled and auditable. This paper also describes the likely consequences of the improper implementation of good governance. IT Governance and Control An organizations’ Board of Directors (BOD) has the direct responsibility for ensuring good corporate governance. One definition of corporate governance is the method of control in businesses in their direction and control (Florea, R. (Radu) & Florea, R

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1625 words - 7 pages - Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission. (2010).Internal Control - Integrated framework. Retrieved March 30, 2010 from theUniversity of Phoenix, eResource database, E. (2007). Corporate governance. Case studies. Retrieved March 12, 2010 from, M.P., Flynn, T.P., and Brownstein

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9268 words - 37 pages .......................................................................................................................................... 291)IntroductionThis Research Paper focuses on the concept of Corporate Governance which is gaining a wide importance not only in the Developing countries but also in the Emerging nations like India. The paper investigates how the term has evolved over the years and by how much India has embraced to the concept of Corporate Governance.The subject of corporate governance leapt to global business limelight

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1405 words - 6 pages Transparency in Corporate PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Running head: TRANSPARENCY IN CORPORATE GOVERNANCETransparency in Corporate GovernanceUniversity of PhoenixTransparency in Corporate GovernanceThis paper evaluates the case of McBride Financial Services, Inc (MFSI), evaluating the concept in corporate governance transparency and the relationship between self-interest of management and effective corporate governance. According to Chew and Gillan


1283 words - 6 pages 2011. According to the guideline of NOKIA all the board of directors are committed to follow certain rule and regulations to build good corporate governance. As we all know corporate governance provides the certain balance among the customers, stakeholders, investors and management of the respective company. In NOKIA there is province for the audit committee, personal committee, corporate governance and corporate ethics for senior financial

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5057 words - 20 pages of a business.Risk management is all about being aware of what may happen and taking steps to limit the chances of it occurring, or deciding that you accept that something may occur and that you are prepared for the consequences.Risk Management, Corporate Governance and GlobalisationGlobalisation of the capital market is bringing nations together and provides opportunities for organisations to trade on the international arena. Many factors have

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3524 words - 14 pages Title Page NumberExecutive Summary ...........2Introduction..............3What is corporate governance...............4Overview of CLERP 9............6Brief Overview of case..........6Decision on the case............8Recommendations for possible reforms.........10Directors duties............15Conclusion...............18References .............19Executive Summary:HIH corp. was going through a major crisis and directors tried to manipulate the

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1152 words - 5 pages :// The home depot values. (2013). Retrieved from Shivdasani, A., & Zenner, M. (2004). Best practices in corporate governance: What two decades of research reveals. Journal of applied corporate finance, 16(2/3), 29-41. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, (1999). Nyse chair richard grasso, nasd chair frank zarb

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3469 words - 14 pages implementing the required organizational reforms. Similarly, James Westphal and Zajac argued that poorly performing firms frequently announce long-term incentive schemes but do not necessarily follow through and actually use them, particularly when the CEO's influence over the board is high. An interesting branch of corporate governance research explores cross-national differences. Many scholars assume the existence of a continuum of systems