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What's Your Corporate IQ?Leadership skills are not intellectual principles that are memorized or learned in a classroom setting. Leadership skills are a part of one's higher character being reinforced within a group that values leadership behaviors. Employees rise to the highest level of customers' needs when the work culture is total employee leadership. Management becomes a resource to support employee leadership.Build leaderships skills in your employees and your business or law firm will exceed the goals of your business plan. If every employee doesn't perceive himself/herself as a leader invest your training dollars in building leadership skills in your employees. Good leaders are made not born. The best leaders are continually working and studying to improve their leadership skills.Management succeeds best when they model as leaders, which encourages employee leadership. There is a mistaken idea that all managers and professionals have leadership traits. They may or may not behave as leaders. Although their position as a partner, manager, supervisor, lead, etc. gives them the authority to accomplish certain tasks and objectives in the organization, this power does not make them a simply makes them the boss. Leadership makes people want to achieve high goals and objectives, while bosses tell people to accomplish a task or objective.What makes a person want to follow a leader? People want to be guided by those they respect and who have a clear sense of direction. To gain respect, they must be ethical. A sense of direction is achieved by conveying a strong vision of the future. These traits shouldn't be limited to management. These traits are desirable in all employees.Principles of Leadership: Leadership begins with character. Honesty, ethical behavior, recognition of others' good deeds and care for others, identification with the larger goals of the business and a maturity all contribute to your impact in the organization. Know yourself and seek self-improvement. What makes up your character? What are your interests and passions? How accountable are you? How do you manage time and meet goals? Seeking self-improvement means continually strengthening your attributes. This can be accomplished through being coached, reading, self-study, classes, etc Be technically proficient. As a leader, you must know your job and have a solid familiarity with other employees' jobs. Seek responsibility and be accountable for your actions. Search for ways to guide your organization to new heights. Collaborate with others wanting success for the organization. And when things go wrong, they will sooner or later, do not blame others. Analyze the situation, take corrective action, and move on to the next challenge. Make sound and timely decisions. Use good...

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