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The media’s transition from an information source to an entertainment commodity has transformed the media’s accuracy to evaluate government officials and to further understand societal issues. The media requires a sufficient amount of funding and content to ensure that there is a constant flow of news. So what are the influences and effects of this transition? Corporate media owners heavily influence the range of content through the policies implemented upon their employees to abide by. A corporate policy is sought as a broad set of guidelines that are formulated by the head of a corporate company that define objectives and means of desired operation. These guidelines establish a definite response for knowable complications and circumstances the firm is likely to encounter. Corporate companies use this policy to guide their employees in a set direction that restricts and encourages certain decisions and actions to achieve the set objectives. Within the news realm, the objective for media owners of corporate news networks is to make a profit. In turn, these guidelines determine valence of government officials and societal conditions that will generate the most profit for their company (shifting news from an information source to a commodity.) Corporate news networks devise these rules to ensure advertisers will continue to sponsor their firm; the networks assure advertisers that they comply with those advertisers desires about messages in their media content that will be affiliated with their products. Also, these rules maintain approval ratings of their intended audiences; these audiences seek particular networks to concur and reinforce their own beliefs and generate more profit. Additionally, these corporate owners are responsible for hiring/firing employees; therefore employees submit to these regulations in anticipation of a raise and in fear of losing their job. Corporate news policies direct journalist to deliver news yielding the most profit (regardless of the actual importance it bears in society.) Therefore, society receives reports within the policy’s acceptable range of issues allotted for journalistic coverage. Society’s concerns and attitudes on governmental issues are then shaped by the agenda set by corporate news networks policies. Corporate policy is the most powerful societal force that is responsible for shaping the news. These guidelines determine salience of issues in the media and society through a profitable agenda.
Corporate news policies objective is to generate profit and raise the bottom line. As a business, the news seeks advertisers to fund their media content. This leads media owners pandering to the advertisers desires in fear of losing the business of that advertiser. Advertisers expect to influence the content of the media network they invest in. This is clearly illustrated in Jay Harris’ article “What Is Missing From Your News?” Harris states, “advertising is the economic engine of the commercial media world”...

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