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Corporate Resources Issue Essay

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DILEMMA: Use of Corporate Resources Issue.
The Dilemma I choose here is “Corporate Resources Issue”. I have always been an
honest, trustworthy, punctual with exceptional relationship management skills and
proven abilities in forging business alliances for smoother operations. As a worker
I care about ethics because most of us prefer to work for ethical organizations.
Therefore the values that matters most is always to be faithful and dislike the
peoples or events which are not streamlined with my thoughts. I appreciate people
who takes a logical and systematic approach to resolve problems and maintain the
highest quality standards whilst also minimizing the cost, and the issue here is
related to corporate resources. Here the co. employee Pat Brown , who files to
claim the fraud expenses on restaurant bill and not even attend conference on any
day. On the other hand I consider myself to be an enthusiastic , highly motivated
and hard working person and enjoy being a part of the team as a contributing
member and expect the same from others. I respect my fellow colleagues and take
pride in my work but here the colleague is not up to the mark to the values which
I describe above . I believe it is unethical behavior of Pat which may be a result of
companies week Human Resource policies.


The two course of action which I would like to take in this situation in the welfare
of both the company and employee will be described below:

1. To tell the Ethical/Moral values to Pat

First of all I would like to tackle the situation by warning Pat that you have

not done your job what he was asked to do ( attending the weeklong

seminar) and instead of that she claims for the expenses as well for the

restaurant bills in which I was also included. I will listen to her side of the

story as well. If the story behind this are justified and thoughtful then will

let her know about the issues that can happen in absence of her presence in

the conference as there were other employees of the company’s also took

participation in conference and the bill which she claim for is not on her

account only but also for other employees including me. Will give Pat the

time and space to express their feelings and concerns can often help to clear

the air. Will tell her about the moral and ethical values in an organization

and decision making power which she lacked while during all these process.

Linda Klebe Trevino(2007:16-17) advances that moral awareness is

considered to be the first stage in the ethical decision making progress. And

to understands her the company’s strategic direction, how the company

makes money, and how the individual efforts play a role in that revenue


2. To complain manager

This will be possibly the action which I will prefer to take in case if Pat will

not get motivated...

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