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Corporate Responsibility To Provide Birth Control

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A moral and political debate, can or should the government mandate a company or person provides access or pay for birth control against their fundamental belief. Today, the availability of birth control is controlled by two factors, money and the will of the person to make the best decision.
Corporations and Individual Responsibility
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the governments attempt to eliminate the money matter for low-income individuals. Health and Human Services (HHS) is the branch of the government appointed to choose selectively which organizations, for-profit or not-for-profit must provide in the insurance plans offered to employees. The Supreme Court of the United ...view middle of the document...

Birth Control is a predictable expense and choice similar to haircuts or food, demonstrating that is not the purpose of insurance. The choice falls to the individual and the choice to pay.
The very poor don’t have to worry, the government programs similar to Title X and others have greatly reduce the very poor from unintended pregnancies. The availability has reduced teenage pregnancies alone by over 34% (Society, 2002). Individuals with jobs that are low paying but provide insurance have a choice, to work for a company that has insurance that provides for their needs. Above the level of the working poor, the access and availability drop off dramatically. According the Guttmacher Institute, a leading researcher of global sexual health, of the 62 million U.S. women between 15 and 44 (child bearing years), 99% have used a form a birth control. The highest risk of all age groups is individuals between 0-149% of the poverty line. Of that demographic, 11% of the populations are not regularly using birth control. Over the poverty line, 92% of all women are using a form of birth control ( Therefore, the birth control decision becomes one of choice not money. It is a moral decision, impacted by the individual’s religious, believes, not the availability.
Government to mandate
Government’s mandate is simple, to ensure that all woman has the availability to birth control as a preventative measure. The challenge is the control over mandating private or public companies ability to run their company as they see fit. In the most recent cases, corporations are using First Amendment defense, the Separation of Church and State and the federal government is using the defense of their mandate as the Religious Freedom Act (Fuller. 2014). Interestingly, both are similar in the limiting of the state control on individuals right to religious freedom. The federal government is attempting to use the Religious Freedom Act to eliminate the corporation’s choice from choosing to provide access to...

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