Corporate Social Responsability Essay

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Analyze the challenges and solutions organizations in Trinidad and Tobago might face in the design and implementation of a functional Corporate Social Responsibility policy

According to The World Business Council for Social Development, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by businesses or organizations to behave ethically and contribute to sustainable development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. Moreover, CSR and the need for the design and implementation of a policy has spread geographically from its original US setting (Bowen, 1953) to become a global concept (Matten & Crane, 2005; Scherer & Palazzo, 2007), including organizations in the Caribbean. A CSR policy design and implementation could be considered to be an organizational change process or a new way of organizing and working (Dawson, 2003). There is no preeminent way to bring about change, and the specifics of the context will help to ensure the change functions to be beneficial to society and supported by appropriate mechanisms (Burnes, 2004) and the profit generating organizations are generally the users of CSR. Therefore, it requires managers to understand and be actively aware of both the context and expectations. In addition, recognize that any changes the design and implementation will shape the environment (Mitleton-Kelly, 2003). in Trinidad and Tobago, organizations may face challenges which the Lewin three step model change theory lists such as unfreezing, moving, and refreezing and seek solutions such as raising CSR awareness inside the organization, assessing current CSR status, be communication about CSR commitments and performance and having continuous dialogue with stakeholder in the design and implementation of a functional corporate social responsibility policy.
The Lewin’s three step model Change Theory (1951) characterizes change as a ‘state of imbalance’ between pressures for and against change (Wilson, 1992). The first challenge is what the model states as unfreezing, or in other words changing the cultural assumptions of the best way to approach and handle things. The challenge will be that employees will feel fear and implementation of a CSR policy would result in the organization losing sight of its core values. However, the stakeholder theory critiques this view by stating that the CSR policy emphasizes the organization’s survival and success hinges on the organization’s ability to generate sufficient wealth, value, or satisfaction for all its stakeholders- owners, management, customers, community, suppliers and of course employees. The CSR policy will ensure owners profit, managers happy both happy workers and profits, customers have excellent customer service and high quality products, community offered good wages and environment friendly, suppliers business remain plentiful and employees have good working conditions and good...

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