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Corporate StrategyCase 1: Intel corporation 1968 - 19971 IntroductionIntel Corporation was founded in 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, their initial strategy was to develop semiconductor chips for mainframe computers and minicomputers. Through the years this strategy has been adapted to some changes in the environment. They started with producing DRAM, now almost 30 years later they developed, and produce the Intel Pentium Processor. Almost everybody is familiar with Intel because of their marketing campaign ¡§Intel Inside¡¨. They started this campaign for creating brand recognition among PC-users, after all this has been an enormous success (who doesn¡¦t know the tune of Intel).In this report we will discuss the case situation by concepts of strategy and we will use where possible some models for supporting our findings in the analysis. This information will lead to the definition of a central key issue. Furthermore we will elaborate on this by giving our recommendations to Intel, how we think they should operate in the coming years.2 Analyze & identify key issues2.1 directionThe direction is a guide or course of action into a future, a path from here to there, four different approaches are identified.Clear path:Defining a clear path which could be carved in stone. This strategic planning process is most suitable in a stable and predictable environment.Vision:The future goal is clear. It will pull the organization to this point in the future.Mission:This drives the company, comes from your stomach.Crafting:React on arising threats and opportunities, without clear goals.Intel uses the Crafting directionIn the beginning Intel¡¦s initial strategy was to push the envelope of product design and to be first to market with the newest devices.When Japanese competitors began to introduce new products more rapidly Intel had to change her strategy. Between 1980 and 1984, Japanese firms invested 40% of their sales revenues in new plant and equipment, versus 22% for US firms. With this Japanese competitors became much faster at developing process technologies and ramping up production capacity. This is also the reason that Intel follows crafting direction, because it had to made very important decisions about producing a DRAM or not while a Japanese firm might be earlier and the costs which has to be made are very high. From 1986 Intel decided to focus resources only on microprocessors. While the development of microprocessors also went very quick Intel stayed in a crafting market.Intel¡¦s strategy for it¡¦s fifth (Pentium) and sixth (Pentium Pro) generations of microprocessors was to achieve an overwhelming advantage in performance over competitive offerings.In 1990 Intel introduced the ¡§Intel Inside¡¨ advertising campaign to create brand recognition among PC users. This campaign was very successful to make end-users aware of the fact that they use an...

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