Corporate Sustainability Reports

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Corporate sustainability reports help the company to provide a high level overview of its efforts to make a sustainable difference in the world. Corporate sustainability reports entail the economy, human rights, every aspect of working conditions, governance of organizations, the impact on the environment, relationships with consumers, product responsibility, and the organization with respect to society at large.
Through the corporate sustainability reports, many companies want to be the largest in production by ensuring the best at improving home life in the society. Many corporations issue annual reports on their progress toward sustainability. The Ford Company is an example of such ...view middle of the document...

According to the article, the company has responsibilities of maintaining and protecting the environment it operates. Additionally, they should not unlawfully use copyrighted materials and processes, and should not engage in bribery. Managers are answerable for meeting objectives not only for their organization, but also for the benefit of society.
The main objective of all companies is guided by the need to make a profit. However, they should recognize that these objectives must take into account the ethics as stated in the corporate responsibility. A long-term business will thrive if it takes into account other stakeholders’ needs. The stakeholders may include customers, employees, communities, governments, and suppliers.
Acting unethically in business is accompanied by various benefits and costs. One of these costs is the financial cost. To engage stakeholders in business operations takes time and involves the use money. Unethical business increases the financial costs. Companies make much profit and spend their resources well if they sells materials and processes without copyright, as copyright is unethical behavior in conducting business. If the lack of ethics in business becomes a public knowledge, the business loses credibility. While some businesses survive public knowledge in...

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