Corporate Team Building Essay

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How do groups cohere? Historically, strong leadership and a shared culture have been the primary factors in determining collective unanimity within social groups. Managers today might not have absolute power of life or death over their staff, being restricted to hiring and firing in their power to enforce the hierarchy, and their corporate mythology might shade by comparison with that of, say, ancient Rome; yet, although managers today need to unite different people without the traditional binding agents of shared ethnicity or religion, unifying them in pursuit of tasks which can sometimes appear dreary even to the most committed worker, it is becoming abundantly clear that negative motivation "" the threat of unemployment "" is at best a limited management tool. Although the knowledge that keeping one's job is contingent on performance necessarily informs every worker's consciousness, fear alone breeds hatred, discord and consequently inefficiency. It is a truth almost universally accepted that a happy worker is a good one: aside from such prerequisites as a pleasant working environment and the avoidance of overwork, it seems clear that a good team-spirit is the key to healthy morale. Working as a team increases people's sense of purpose, their feeling of belonging and consequently their productivity. In fact, a properly functioning team is absolutely essential for any business with more than one employee. If the rugby pack doesn't push together, they lose the game. Fortunately, for the twenty-first-century corporate manager, a support-structure, a science and industry of positive motivation, fitted for the contemporary market, has evolved. And one of its principal methods is that delineated in this section. The companies on show here specialize in removing workers from their normative contexts and involving them in challenging, unusual and entertaining activities, by which shared experience the group knits together, eliciting previously untapped interpersonal relationships and individual potential. It is important that we recognize the constructive use-value borne by play in relation to work, since the two exist not in opposition, but in symbiosis. The cooption of constructive play by the corporations is their masterstroke; for by simulating the activities of family and friendship within its aegis, the corporation inculcates comparable loyalties and energies among its workforce.Gamesman Productions are currently leading the way in the provision of innovative team-building games to the corporate event industry. Neil Harvey, the owner (who previously made scenic props for such shows as "˜The Phantom of the Opera'), aims to create a "˜toy-box' sensibility in all Gamesman products, to effect a high visual impact and encourage a ludic attitude. Thus it is that Mr. Harvey's new game, "˜Hell's Bells', uses imaginative play rather than the more divisive impulse of competition as its driving force. "˜Hell's Bells' is designed to...

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