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To me, wellness simply means the absence of illness, physically or mentally. Where wellness of employees can result in better outcomes, illness can make the performance level low enough to bother about. In case of any corporation or organization, if an employee continues being ill randomly, it surely does effect the overall performance of the team she /he is working in and eventually the organization. So, this is important for the management to have a plan to face this corporate illness. Let me tell you my story. I was working in Mobile Phone company in 2006. I was new there and I had some health issues at that time. I had a severe back pain. I visited the doctor and he prescribed me some exercises. But due to the work load, I could not continue the exercises. Day by day I started getting frustrated. I wanted to share my problems with someone but I couldn't do it. Because, I had one day off in the week. And on my day off, all my friends were working. So I couldn't talk to them. Moreover, in the office I used to have hectic times. As I was on probation, I didn't want to take any leave. I continued being frustrated and physically ill for almost three months. After that I left the job. So you see, how important wellness is. We all can imagine, due to my resignation what problems the company had to face. First of all, they were loosing a trained employee, who could have become a help in profit generation or customer retention. Secondly, for them the return on investment was zero. They invested on me for the training/ coaching. But when it was time for me to return the investment, I actually quit. So, their total investment was fruitless. Which means they wasted their money on me.
This is a common scenario in the corporates. People join, people leave. In HR, the percentage/rate of the difference between people joining and people leaving an organization at a certain period, is called attrition rate or labor turn over rate. Attrition rate can be positive or negative. If people who leaves, are not very productive then a higher attrition rate may be considered as a positive thing. But people whom you nurtured because...

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