Corporation And Family An Integrated Analysis Of Human Resource Management In Hotel 373

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Located at 373 Fifth Ave in Manhattan, Hotel 373 is a small, boutique styled hotel nestled in the shadow of the Empire State Building. It’s proximity to one of New York’s most iconic landmarks attracted a booming stream of tourists.
Opened in 2007, Hotel 373 is held under the management of the Hersha Hospitality Management Company (HHMC), which also manages over a hundred other hotels within the country. Due to its petite size, the hotel currently operates with seventy rooms and a staff of thirteen employees under the guidance of the general manager, Gary DeSoiza. The remaining twelve employees include one front office manager, seven front desk operators, two housekeeping directors, and two engineering/safety managers. The day-to-day housekeeping responsibilities were outsourced to a vending team assigned by HHMC. The same applies for the Human Resource department, HHMC has an umbrella Human Resource department which covered the needs of Hotel 373.
In 2010, the hotel has an occupancy rate of 82.9% and the average daily rate of $190.18. The hotel’s high quality service and the reasonable price grossed numerous positive reviews on both Guest Satisfaction Surveys and tourism websites such as Fodor’s.
The remaining facts within this analysis were largely gathered through a one-on-one interview with the front desk manager, Nikki Sukthong on April 3rd. Sukthong has worked for HHMC for over twelve years. She received formal training in hotel management before being appointed to her current position at Hotel 373 two years ago. Her responsibility includes the day-to-day management of the hotel and its staff. She is responsible for all the guest reservations as well as housekeeping reports and a general engineering/safety report on a daily basis. Every employee reports to her, while she in turn reports into the general manager.
During the interview, Sukthong brought up the idea of ‘family-like’ management. She identified this idea as the culture of this hotel. ‘Since our hotel is relatively small and there aren’t too many employees, everyone knows everyone,’ said Sukthong, ‘it promotes a good morale and more efficient workflow.’ Meanwhile, Sukthong also pointed out that despite this ‘family-like’ management style, HHMC has its professional standards and policies which all employees have to follow, which helps maintain their professionalism. This combination of familiar environment and corporate professionalism has been immersed into all the human resource related activities in Hotel 373.
The recruiting system in Hotel 373 is similar to the other hotels within the field. The front desk manager and the general manager are appointed by HHMC. The company promotes through meritocracy; current employees who are doing an exceptional job at one hotel under the company would be promoted to the next level to lead a new hotel. The other positions in the hotel, except for the vending team, are employed by the general manager as well as the front...

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