Corps Value, The Importance Of Marines English Essay

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Corps Value
Honor, courage, commitment, are all things we can represent and show. With bravery and believing in yourself, you can reach skies and limits you would never imagine getting to. They can open new paths to success and they can get you to points in life you thought were impossible to achieve.
When you think of honor, many definitions come to mind. One being honesty and fairness. Another consisting of high respect and public esteem. Furthermore, it could also be used as fame, popularity, or praising someone or something. We can all represent or show honor in multiple ways. For instance, you could consist of having high self-esteem for yourself and show respect to others. Or, you could be the one getting praised and others would respect you and be fair and honest with you. You yourself could be famous or popular and have many people look up to you.
Ways I represent honor consist of attempting to show how respect to my parents and being honest with them. This represents honor because you are respecting them and being honest so that you show courage and high honor. A real life example would be say you made a mistake, and you didn’t tell your parents, that’s considered lying and does not represent honor. The correct decision would be to speak up and tell the honest truth. Telling the truth shows that you have honor and respect for your parents and that you aren’t hiding anything from them.
To further your knowledge to the word “courage”, there is multiple words you could use to simplify the definition. The following conclude the definition, bravery, daring, endurance, fearlessness, etc. The overall definition would be, “A quality of mind that enables a person to face...

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