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Moser was dead. Sitting on an overstuffed chair in his office in arrested aggression and eyes wide open, he was stabbed by a dagger in the chest- boldly and strongly; the handle of the dagger was fixed and jutted out almost vertically from the left side of his chest.

An hour ago, Sakshi had entered his office and began rambling about how a sample label was not fit to be deciphered since there were blood stains on the label. "I can't even see the autopsy number on the label," she said walking in and dropping herself on a chair opposite to Moser's. She undid her hair, letting her curls fall on her back and shook her head with indignation. It was then that she suddenly saw Moser's glaring ...view middle of the document...

Rupesh walked back to the rooms where Sakshi stood with folded hands, looking around in a blank and shocked state. Reeta was trying to call someone on her mobile quite frantically. Rakesh was moving towards the window to put the blinds.
Rupesh shouted to Rakesh, "Don't do that. Nothing is to be touched".
It seemed like ten long minutes before the doctor from the Emergency unit of a hospital in Sector 27 arrived, followed soon after by David and his team. The doctor walked towards the corpse in a casual way, oblivious to the fact that there was a corpse present. He slipped his hands into his gloves and checked the pulse and then tried bending his elbow. Walking up to David, he said, "The guy has been dead for some time now. He needs to go to the morgue and have Dr Albert look at him."
David was wrenched with the thought of interacting with Dr Albert who would invariably keep finding faults with his investigations and mince no words about it. However, he would eventually have a multitude of cases sorted out and solved.
David called up Dr Albert and gave him the details of the case. Dr Albert took them all in and stated, "Moser has been such an asset. He used to do the lab work in such cases meticulously. It is a pity he is now on the table rather than putting samples of people on it." David was slightly surprised with the sensitivity and emotion in Dr Albert, who had never come even close to saying something remotely soft about people and behaved like an absolute stranger when it came to lauding someone.
He said to David, "I am a bit occupied with an academic commitment for today. Dr Janet will be the Autopsy Surgeon. Of course, we would be a team for matters of discussion, as usual. Do send the body over to us. Any clue who could have done it in this audacious way? I mean, was he threatened? Perhaps, this is what you could explore and maybe the make of the dagger might help in getting some clues. It seems to be quite antique piece from somewhere."
David muttered a quick, "Thank you" and even before disconnecting the call, started giving instructions, "Get the pictures of the spot and close up of the body. Search the dagger for any fingerprints. Get the body moving for Autopsy. Seize the mobile handset from the table after picking the marks from it. Inform his family of his death and that he is being taken for Autopsy." After the photographs and marks were taken, the body was shifted for Autopsy.
In the mortuary, when Moser was brought in, Janet felt uncomfortable to be assigned the case. She had known Moser for some time and appreciated his objectivity. She normally handled her work with no emotional connect to the history or circumstances of the case. Instead, she secretly suspected herself of having blunted emotions, for she could carry on tasks people thought were unnerving and emotionally disturbing. But today, she had to remind herself to focus on facts and findings and not on who the person was.
The dagger's blade was in the chest...

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