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Paper on personal experiences with correct and incorrect perceptual hypothesis for PSY 200.Prior View on PerceptionPrior to reading chapter three in Media and Research Update Psychology, Third Edition I thought of perception simply as the way I saw something through my own eyes and the way I understood what someone was saying or how they would say it. I never realized that there are so many other factors that make up the way I perceive people, places, objects and even life. Up until now I always thought of depth just as how far someone could or could not see, never once thinking of depth perception as three - dimensional. Chapter three, although I did not understand all parts, will make me look at life in a different way, more detailed and not taking anything for face value any longer. I am astonished to realize that the mind actually goes through all these processes for me to see what is in only a picture.Correct Perceptual HypothesisOut of everything I perceive through out my days, both at work and at home I feel that the best correct perception comes from reading e-mails. I know that this seems strange but somehow I am able to pick up on the sender of an e-mails attitude. When I read an e-mail nine out of ten times I can perceive that the senders mood, attitude, urgency of the e-mail or positivism is. Through out my eight hours at work I am asked by my co-workers, at least fifty times, to read an e-mail that was sent to them. Without knowing who sent the e-mail or any prior correspondences, I can inform my co-workers if the sender is being hostile or if this is a matter of urgency, whether the sender is being sarcastic or positive. In my business industry of insurance, people have trouble reading others. I work within the commission unit where most of the time we receive any correspondence it is regarding someone else's commission check so I feel my perception of someone's e-mail is very important. Being able to perceive the senders overall tone helps my co-workers and myself to get a little more prepared for what may lay ahead of us and most importantly how to handle the situation.As far as being able to perceive the e-mails I receive at home from my friends and family I feel I score a hundred percent. Ten out of ten times I can pin point their mood, just by reading the first couple of sentences. I feel this is great advantage to me because once again I can prepare myself for the rest of the e-mail, or the phone conversation or even my own response.I know this is a strange correct perceptual hypothesis to write about, as I stated...

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