Corrections Task Force Press Release

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Planning for the Utopia County Community Protection Education Center (UCCPEC) is well underway and details of the new jail are being made public. The jail is to be built with a new generation type, also known as Podular Design. The reason for that specific design is because there is more security and the inmates can believe to be safer in their cells. Keeping an eye on the inmates and their activities are also better and easier with that design. Each cell will hold one bed, toilet, sink and table with a chair, and the total of cells will be 500. The prison will be two floors with 250 cells per floor and the cells will face one center room where inmates will have access to televisions, phones, tables to play cards or other games and the guards will be able to watch them at all times (Jackson & Stearns, 1995).The jail will be built on the former Utopia mall site. The current building will be demolished and the UCCPEC built in its place. This spot was chosen because of the size of the prison lot, which is 800 acres and the location is far enough away from residential areas where homeowners are not likely to protest the erection of the building.The prison, UCCPEC, will look like any other prison, but with more security and stricter rules around. The prison design would have a control room that allows the staff to have supervision of the whole prison and the inmates as well. The design of the prison has housing pods for both inmates and staffs. Each of the cells has two beds within the 250 cells per floor. The exterior of the prison will have court yard, with corridors and rooms having sunshine throughout the day for light, and at night the structure of the prison will be lit up such as light outside and inside. With having the UCCPEC, the prison will be built with concrete, electric interior walls if inmates try to escape alarm will sound, and electric fences around the prison for security reasons.The security in processing jail is going to be tight like any other jail and rightfully so. For example, when someone is in-process into this facility the first thing that will happen to them is that they will be searched for any contraband by members of the staff. They will then go through a series of steps to include the normal booking process of finger prints taken, and having their picture taken. All inmates will be required to wear a wrist band at all times and be in their prescribed jail uniform from the time they get up to the time they go to bed at night. Some of the other security features will include having all "visitation will only be done through a video mod inside of the pod or common area where the inmates never have to leave their living quarters" (Crawford, 2006). Another security feature of the jail will be a single control room with monitors available. With this the members of the jail staff are able watch the whole facility from the outside to the inside. This helps by cutting down on the manpower to run the jail and therefore...

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