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Correlation Between Crime And Unemployment Essay

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Correlating Crime and Unemployment:
Scholars have often debated the primary causes of criminal behavior and its correlation to economic factors. It is hypothesized than an unemployed person may resort to illegal methods to obtain money due to a lack of unemployment opportunities. Several studies have targeted the unemployment rate as having an adverse effect on the increase of crime rate. Researchers have observed the rates of property crime, violent crime, and motor-vehicle crime in order to determine the potential of a correlation between crime and unemployment (Aaltonen, Macdonald, Martikainen, & Kivivuori, 2013; Kleck, G., & Chiricos, T. 2002; Sookram, S., Basdeo, M., Sumesar-Rai, K., ...view middle of the document...

Results showed that unemployment has a direct correlation with only certain types of crimes. Property crime and drug dealing were the most frequently pursued criminal behavior from the unemployed street youths. Data showed that the average amount of property crimes among the sample size was 5.46 and the average amount of drug deals was 4.28 (Baron, 2008). The calculated mean of violent crimes was 1.56; showing a poor correlation between violent crimes and unemployment (Baron, 2008).
Several variables were tested to determine if the unemployed street youths possessed any deviant values that may lead to criminal behavior. Subjects were asked questions that were evaluated through various response options. Respondents were asked to agree or disagree with the statement, “I feel angry about my unemployment,” and “How wrong is it to break the law” (Baron, 2008). The data displayed that many of the respondents felt angry over their unemployment; however, most of the respondents believed it was wrong to commit crimes.
Results indicated that respondents who strongly agreed with being angry over unemployment and possessed deviant values were more likely to committing property crimes and drug dealing. Respondents who felt angry over unemployment and did not possess any deviant values were not associated with property crimes or drug dealing. The results in this study support the correlation between unemployment and crimes; however, these crimes exclusively included property crimes and drug dealing. Violent crimes were shown to have no relationship between respondents who were unemployed. The correlation between crime and unemployment through the respondent’s data is not generalizable towards the population; however, it still provides valuable data regarding the variables that may influence unemployed persons to commit crime.
In a research article written by Aaltonen, Macdonald, Martikainen, and Kivivuori (2013), the correlation between unemployment and crime is examined through the use of regression models. Data was gathered over a six-year period through observing the rates of property crime, violent crime, motor-vehicle crimes, and driving under the influence crimes. The offending rate of employed persons was than compared to the offending rate of unemployed persons. The purpose of the study is to understand the potential correlation between crime and unemployment. It is hypothesized that the offenders who are unemployed will offend at a higher rate than those who are currently employed.
Data was taken from a sample size of 150,010 residents, which was observed through the crime database. A subgroup of 15,658 males who endured both periods of unemployment and employment were observed over a time period of six years from 2001 to 2006. The male subgroup included ages ranging from twenty through thirty. Data showed that 41.5% of the subgroup was convicted of at least one offense during the six year period (Aaltonen et al., 2013). Results showed that...

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