Correlations Between Happiness And Positive Illusions Of The Self And Relationships

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This paper explores my own theory that having a partner makes one view themselves through positive illusions and ultimately has higher self-confidence. Such a hypothesis was detected through the idea that people view both their partners and themselves as more attractive than others see them. This can be both self limiting and an advantage for relationship and self worth. It has been found that people like others who they can find themselves in, which would make it important, if such is the case, that people positively view themselves. Time plays an effect on the outcome of positive illusions to show that long term effects may differ from short term effects. Positive illusions on the self may lead to narcissism and positive illusions in relationships may either be detrimental or may assist salvage the relationship. Contrary to the effect of positive illusions on the self, they can help the relationship thrive. The opposing side to such claims is that positive illusion can exhibit negative effects, despite the benefits of such tendencies.

Positive illusions refers to ones tendency to overstate, enhance, or add to a quality of another to make them appear to have a higher trait quality than they actually do. In the sense of partners happens more frequently. Sometimes it is natural and other times it is linked to other levels of appreciation in a partner. Research has shown that positive illusions are linked to relationship longevity, increased satisfaction, trust, and help dissolve conflict and debates among couples. It has also been related to levels of intimacy, passion, and commitment. These illusions can help resolve conflict in multiple ways, provide a sense of security, and altogether stabilize a relationship and reassure partners in their relationship. (CITE p2 Physical attraction)
Physical Attraction
Physical attraction is large role in relationships whether people would like to admit it or not. It is the first thing noticed about another individual and usually what catches a person’s interest. This type of behavior makes sense from a biological point of view because humans unconsciously want to produce the most fit babies possible, including appearance. In the animal kingdom peacocks show off their feathers and deer with the biggest horns are likely to produce. Although both of those traits also influence other factors with mating, the same ideal stands; the best genes possible are the most desired. Physical attraction has been shown by Dick P. H. Barelds, Pietrernel Dijkstra, Namkje Koudenburg, and Viren Swami to correlate with relationship quality and satisfaction in their article, “An Assessment of Positive Illusions of the Physical Attractiveness of Romantic Partners.”
Nobody has the same idea of beauty, so individuals will be confronted by others about their partners unattractive qualities. Also, the media and technology has made western countries intake of people and their faces and bodies larger than ever. This leads...

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