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Communication ethics questions ones personal narratives about what is good, bad, right and wrong. It makes us question communication and observe not only what drives us to do what we do but what drives the other person in a communication situation as well. Ethics determines how we enter situations, react to events and ultimately carry out our daily routines. The purpose of taking COM 380 Communication Ethics is to be able to successfully carry out ethical communication in both our public and private life. This course has one question that must be determined; “What is communication ethics literacy, and how does it affect the role of ethics in our communication and interactions?” This question makes us learn as individuals by actively listen to other people and engage the idea of diversity of ideas
Firstly I feel as though I have learned a lot during this period in time and understand the idea of a two-sided approach to every situation. In every interaction each person involved much understand that the other person has a different set of values and goods that may conflict with yours, however conflicting goods are not a negative thing it simply provides the opportunity to learn. ( put quote here from text from conflict ).
Learning is the most essential part of communication it shows that you can process multiple ideas at once and not judge but seek to understand where another person’s ideas are coming from as well. People have their own reasons and narratives that shape what they believe to be their goods and why they protect these goods. Each person’s goods are representative of their culture. Culture is a collection of ones history learned styles, patterns, and perceptions that continue with them for their lifetime it determine how people engage in communication. Culture exists among communities which can range from a family, a group of friends or a group of co-workers.

As children we all learn the basic mannerisms that we should abide by; these all being representative of acting ethical. Things including stealing, cheating, lying and what one ought to do are all things that teach what an ethical standard is. This class...

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