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Communication Process Week Five Shannon Collins CJA/440-Organizational Behavior and management describe the communication climate in your organization as a whole?The climate as it is stated in the question is, exceptionally cooled at this new job. I have yet to warm up and ask the pertinent questions that need to be asked, but, there is a time and a place for everything. I warm up to others pretty quickly and am able to get my job done with the best care that I know I can give, it is what I excel at and I know that I am good at.What are the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s communication?The strengths and weaknesses of any establishment are only as good or bad as the individuals that work there. If you have an open communication policy where your employees may come to you and voice their likes as well as dislikes you have a communication process that is a give and take procedure that in turn makes for a more workable environment for everyone as a whole.The strengths of my work environment is that I get to make most of the decisions as I see proper for my patient, for the most part that is.On bigger decisions that are family matters I do not include myself in. The weakness in this particular line of work is that I work alone usually and I will be coming up against a group of family members that I need to first show some evidence of whatever it is I am wanting to accomplish and I make sure it is always geared towards the patient and their needs.Does the management approach of your organization’s supervisors, managers, and executives contribute to or detract from effective communication? Why?What I have noticed from most of my employees is that a resolution to an argument or an issue is the one goal that supersedes any and all other problems. It’s the care of the patient that I ultimately have to concern myself with, most of the time it is a misunderstanding that one has with either a process that I have taken on to better care for my patient or something that someone thought was said and the statement was taken wrong, and someone has hurt feelings over it.I believe that in most cases people want to help not hinder any situation and mostly it’s misunderstanding due to the diversity that is in America today. What one culture does may some how be misconstrued and seem rude or impolite. And mostly its individuals feelings that...

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