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Technology in the twenty-first century has spawned a host of new inventions from cellular advances, to the latest iPad2. With each new advancement we broaden our minds ability also our social behaviors by embracing this unconventional modernization, we becoming even more knowledgeable and skillfully fit than in the past. I can recall having to drive to my local community college just to acquire my class schedule. I compiled a list of acceptable classes after careful examination. I then proceeded to drive back to the college administration office only to grab a number; sit and wait to be called by the next available admission assistant. Following an hour of waiting, I proceeded halfway across campus only to get back in line via my last name to pay for selected courses. Technology has change the face of educational course enrollment in a tremendous fashion. Adding classes is now just a few clicks away, simply login into the schools portal with a personal user name and password from home or anywhere there is a secure internet access, what use to take several hours to complete can now be efficiently accomplished in 30 minutes or less. Many theological changes like this have paved the way for more communicative time with family and friends, or have they?
One of the hottest newest technologies impacting our lives today is social media - the combination of the web and mobile technologies creating an interactive communication dialogue. There is no other company that has done more to change the landscape of communication than the current leading social networking site Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg, Founder and CEO of Facebook have changed the way in which we view the Worldwide Web and social communication. It has become a place for many people to keep in contact with friends, reconnect with lost ones, find new ones and even get the latest news and information - be it from the local college or favorite merchant. By signing up for a free account users get to list: age, sex, race, faith, occupation, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, geographical location, ideological viewpoint, political position and place a photo of themselves. Before the development of these amazing social networking platforms many spent a typical day by simply waking up, grabbing breakfast, attending work or school and repeating the same process the very next day only slowing down for some face to face time with family and friend on weekends. Now, with advancement of Facebook people are able to keep in constant correspondence with their network of friends. A person can easily construct a post announcing a great morning, relay the most recent news on a favorite sports team, share the location of a new found eatery for a tasty low calorie high protein lunch, even promote the half price buy one get one free deal scored inside Macy at the local Fashion Island. Features like: “Sharing what’s on your mind” is not limited to text alone. According to Thomas J. Billitteri a CQ Research...

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