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Corrupted Bodies For The Sake Of Beauty

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I think about food constantly. I am always trying to control the calories and fat I eat, but so often I end up overeating. Then I feel guilty and vomit or take laxatives so I won't gain weight. Each time this happens I promise myself that the next day I will eat normally and stop the vomiting and laxatives. However, the next day the same thing happens. I know this is bad for my body, but I am so afraid of gaining weight. (Fitzgibbon, 2000)These words shown above belong to a young woman with the serious disease of eating disorder, which is called anorexia. It is an interesting disease and common especially among women. The feelings of hatred towards eating and food are always in the mind and heart of the patient who suffers from such eating disorders. Bulimia nervosa, on the other hand, is another serious eating disorder in which the patient suffers from binge eating and "purging behavior such as vomiting, abusing laxatives or diuretics, and/or excessive exercise occurs after the binge in an effort to get rid of the calories taken in" (Fitzgibbon, 2000). It is known that food is the main nutrition and supplier of human life, so why such patients reject eating and nutrition? Eating disorders in general should not be considered as biological diseases since there are various underlying reasons behind them. If it is thought that not eating or refusing to eat are able to make women thinner or slimmer, then, it is not difficult to determine the main reason of such abnormal eating disorders. While women always want to be more beautiful by having slimmer bodies, they inevitably or consciously reject to take food in their body to prevent themselves from being fatter. Unfortunately, the ideal image of beauty and perfect body negatively and directly affect women's daily attitudes, emotions and way of life. Eating disorders are only some of those negative results which are certainly related with women's beauty obsession. Meanwhile, women risk their health and life in order to have slimmer bodies and more attractive image in their social environment. When such serious eating disorders occur, however, those women become victims with uglier bodies and unhealthy conditions owing to losing too much weight. This is how the ideal beauty image of slim body affect women's health and even life in many countries. It should be understood thateating disorders are not the result of a biological symptoms or reasons, in fact they occur when people, especially women, are deeply affected by some specific and dominant cultural values, gender roles, ideal female image and men's general preferences for women to date, have a relationship or to marry.First of all, dominant cultural values that are related with women's obligations and responsibilities play a very significant play on women's obsession for losing weight and therefore confronting eating disorders. In many countries, a lot of women are continuously on a diet because they always complain about their unfit bodies and fat...

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