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Corrupted Grandma Essay

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A stereotype grandmother is one who can be described as selfless and sweet, with savory cooking that cannot compare to any other. In Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” however, a very different image of a grandmother is presented. The grandmother considers herself to be a lady, and expects those around her to treat her as if she is one. She tries to be manipulative throughout “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, constantly trying to get the others to do things her way. Although she usually fails in her attempts at manipulation, she does succeed once. It is with this success that the scene is set for death to show O’Connor’s meaning. The deaths of the family are used to demonstrate how the selfish manipulation of others can lead to grim consequences.
The grandmother shows throughout the short story that she is concerned for herself only. From the beginning, when she tries to make the family go up to Tennessee because she wanted to, until the end when she only stands up for herself against The Misfit. The grandmother, because she considered herself to be a lady, and few others to be good, saw herself above those around her. She saw something special in herself, which was why she insisted to The Misfit that, “You wouldn’t shoot a lady” (14). Even as her son is taken back into the woods to be shot, she remains still. This combined with the authority that she feels comes with her age and position in the family vault her importance far above that of her family that she is with. Her self-elevation, in turn, affects her morals, as she sees the flaws in others but not in herself, and views it as selfish when others get what they want. The grandmother’s narrow-minded egocentric behavior that she exhibits, along with her not getting what she wants, leads her to the manipulation of others.
The grandmother is constantly trying to manipulate the elements around her so that things are done exactly as she wants them. Even if she has no control over a situation, she will try to gain leverage and create control. While with The Misfit, she brings up the elements of religion, family, and class to him in the hope that he decides to spare her. It is not only when her life is in danger that she tries to manipulate people, though. It was the grandmother’s successful manipulation that led the family off of the road in the first place, when she was able to excite the children enough to force Bailey to drive to the plantation. Bailey was used to his mother telling him things to do, but once she involved the children, Bailey was left powerless. His...

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