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After the 25th of January revolution in Egypt, the media started to be the backbone of the Egyptian social political lifestyle. The media forms the people’s opinions towards a certain candidate, propagate against an ideology or a movement. Before the presidential election in Egypt, each political party started to open its own TV channels publicizing their own agendas and thoughts on certain issues and problems that faces the Egyptian at the time, for example, a writer by the name Abdel Moneim says “in 1997 when the Egyptian Radio and Television Union asked me to host a program titled Behind Events. I agreed on one condition: I would operate with complete independence,” which means that to be independent, it was a very hard task and a request.
Example number one, the ex- regime party “the national democratic party” which Mubarak was the president of the party as well, the party used the national TV which is more than twenty channels to propagate the idea that Mubarak is innocent and is the best president that Egypt ever had. The ex-regime’s media started to claim that the protesters are getting paid from other countries to break down the structure of the Egyptian political life stability, the media also claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood Party is responsible of everything is taking place on the streets of Egypt, and by saying that, the media meant to give the image that “Al-Qaida” is responsible because of what is so called the Islamic agenda, which in reality the agenda has nothing to do with the religion of Islam at all. During the revolution Mubarak’s media used such programs as Photoshop, movie editors, and even they broadcasting from places that was far away from zone zero “Tahrir Square”, because simply the Egyptian national TV was prohibited to enter this square because the revolutionaries at the time said so, as writer Khaled Abu Toameh said “The editors found a quick and easy solution to the "problem." Using Photoshop, they played around with the picture so that Mubarak would appear at the helm.”
Example number two, which is how the Muslim Brotherhood used the media after they controlled the majority of the Egyptian parliament, and soon a Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate became the Egyptian president. Twenty five new channels opened just to serve the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. They claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood was the choice of God, and that ex- president Morsi was just like the prophet Joseph, who was imprisoned in Egypt and then became a king. Those channels actually said that the angel Gabriel came to them and prayed with them. The Brotherhood’s media depended that forty five percent of Egyptians are illiterate and almost ninety percent in ignorant, so the media succeeded enlarging the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, through the word of “God” as they claim. The media used the weapon of religion, they fought every protester by saying they are not good Muslims. The media sure was corrupted to serve such...

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