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"Corruption And Transborder Criminality" Essay

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What have been some of the solutions to each of these problems that your authors have suggested? Which do you think have been most appropriate and why?From the Peter Eigen article, "Corruption in a Globalized World" the solution to corruption has to involve a constructive partnership between gov't, the private sector and civil society.Notes from the article:* International Chamber of Commerce with Transparency International for the OECD treaty supporting anti-bribery principles and integrity standard.* National Integrity System, not looking at separate institutions, but at interrelationships, interdependence, holistic approach.* "horizontal accountability" where power is dispersed, separately accountable, systematic identification of gaps and weaknesses* make corruption a high-risk, low return undertaking* NGOs working with the private sector, creative dialogue, accountable governance to make the benefits of globalization fair, and building coalitions to fight corruptionFrom the Peter Richardson article, in the Simmons and Oudratt book:Four major lessons on finding solution for corruption--1) availability and dissemination of information regarding corruption is a powerful tool in drawing attention to corruption2) cooperative approach is more effective than confrontation (i.e. gov't, private sector, and civil society)3) expert knowledge on how to design and implement system changes4) building trust among all parties that no one will cheat by monitoring, implementation, and enforcement1990 Anti-Corruption Campaign:In 1993, Peter Eigen created Transparency International which supported national anti-corruption coalitions between civil society, business, and government). Other international actors involved were Int'l Chamber of Commerce, OECD, World Bank, IMF, and Regional Development banks.* TI's annual Corruption Perceptions Index-ranked countries by levels of corruption, Bribe Payer's Index, and Sourcebook* IMF and World Bank released the Declaration on Partnerships for Sustainable Growth* Financial Action Task Force featured 15 "noncooperative" countries as potential havens for corruption* Non-compliance equals to reduction or elimination aid packagesFrom Phil Williams article, "Crime, Illicit Markets, and Money Laundering"Conclusion: Governance in area of organized crime, drug trafficking, and money laundering is seriously inadequate because of systemic conditions.Williams suggests three levels of governance that have taken steps to deal with the issue of international crimes: the creation of international norms, information sharing among law enforcements, and education and eradication programs. These levels have been most effective when organizations have been able to coordinate on the multilateral stage.Thailand found its solution in extrajudicial killings as part of the war of drugs. Even when former drug-traffickers joined the police program for protection, the corrupt police still killed the men.Given your understanding of the...

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