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Corruption In China Essay

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. Throughout this case there were many corrupt ways of doing business presented. One of the most common practices when negotiating large trade deals with foreign companies seems to be offering trips abroad. Offering trips is extremely popular when dealing with officials in China because they often do not get to travel abroad. If the trip includes learning more about the product, or the contract is always signed in a particular place, then the trip is perfectly legal. On the other hand, if you are just offering the person a luxury vacation for two weeks and all expenses are included then it is illegal under the Foreign Corrupt Policies Act because it is considered a bribe.Many foreign companies request or demand something before they will sign a contract. They could ask that their child's U.S. education be paid for, that you give them an all expense paid trip, or they may just simply ask for money. One MNC paid for a Chinese person's entire education, car, and all of their expenses. This is without question illegal and known as extortion. If the firm doing the deal refuses to meet the requests and demands, they may very well loose the contract.The black market is also a huge problem. Foreign traders sell their products on the black market most commonly when their product is not allowed into the U.S. For example, the Chinese buy licenses to export their garments into the U.S. You can also buy inspection licenses on the black market to sell poor quality products. Seals with signatures can be bought for roughly two hundred U.S. dollars.On the subject of inspection, subornation is also illegal, but common in foreign countries. One Japanese firm wanted to avoid having their industrial equipment inspected upon arrival into China, so they invited the CIB, Commodity Inspection Bureau, on an "inspection" trip to Japan. They offered the trip to get the officials to look the other way when their product entered into China.Another corrupt policy in China is the redirecting of ships to the southern port to avoid high tariffs and duties. It is claimed that if you enter China through its southern port rather than the northern you can receive a fifty- percent reduction in duties, which by far exceeds the transportation cost. This is illegal on the customs...

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