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Corruption In China: Understanding The Dynamics Of Corruption At The Individual And Group Level

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Corruption has become endemic in China, especially during the 1980s and the 1990s. From an estimated 20,000 cases of corruption under investigation in the early 1980s, it has gone up to more than 50,000 in 1995. In 1996, China was ranked by the Transparency International and Gottingen University 50th out of 54 countries from the most clean to the most corrupt. Only Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan, and Nigeria were deemed more corrupt than China. With these astounding data, there is no arguing that corruption has definitely become a big issue in China. Before delving into the political condition in China, it is essential to first understand the dynamics of corruptionIntegrated Model of CorruptionStructuring an environment where officials do not use their discretionary power for personal gain is an inherent public administration issue. Previous studies on corruption tend to examine micro or macro approaches in isolation. Some theorists focus on the macro political and social forces that cause corruption, without considering the micro situations that may be structured in a way that encourage subversion of the law; on the other hand, other experts stress the micro circumstances while ignoring their relations with the surrounding economic and political context. In reality, macro and micro situations collaborate in influencing corruption in any given country.Micro ApproachCorruption as a form of criminal behavior can be understood by referring to some general model of crime. The "deterrence hypothesis" of rational choice theory, Piliavin et al. constructed a model which hypothesized: (1) perception of higher risk of formal and personal sanctions will reduce the likelihood of crime; (2) persons who feel they can earn more money illegally than legally are more likely to succumb to criminal temptations; (3) persons who perceive more opportunities for crime should have greater objective opportunities and lower opportunity costs for engaging crimes; and (4) persons holding more respect for legal jobs relative to illegal forms of work should have less taste for crime, greater moral inhibitions, and therefore be less likely to violate the law.Given this hypothesis, the most important micro approach of corruption is based on the "principal-agent" model which can be summarized as follows:This model shows that there are two basic factors that affect one's decision to practice corruption: the opportunity for corruption, and the control factor. The opportunity for corruption involves both the frequency and the stakes of the opportunities for corruption that one encounters or perceives. The more opportunities for corruption, and if the stake is perceived to be higher than the cost involved, the higher the probability that one will be involved in corruption. The control factor, on the other hand, can be further divided into two dimensions. External control refers to the subjective perception of control in terms of the penalty size and the possibility of being caught and...

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