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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there has been a general increase in corruption, affecting many economic sectors. Moreover, corruption has become a widespread phenomenon in higher education institutions in Countries of Independent States. All the references for the research paper will help to review the evidence and the economic models how corruption occurs and apply them in the field of education. This review defines how corruption occurs in education and draws a link between corruption and educational quality. These authors explain how the quality of higher education affects economic productivity, and makes a case to suggest that a university characterized by corrupt practices has sacrificed that quality. Those cases of educational corruption include, among others, paying bribes for grades, buying diplomas, and admissions to universities.
Any phenomenon of immoral and unethical practice is harmful when it happens in education. Indeed, it destroys the very purpose of education. Students who are used to cheating in exams, after leaving educational establishments they are used to looking for the easiest ways in their lives. Teachers who accept bribery show a wrong example to those who are not involved in corruption (Sahlberg, 2009). Pasi Sahlberg received Master of Science (Mathematics) in 1984 from University of Turku and PhD from the University of Jyvaskylä in 1996. He has worked with a number of governments in Europe and Central Asia region to help them in improving education policies and implementing system-wide education reforms. Since June 2007 he has worked with the European Training Foundation, in Torino, Italy, as Lead Education Specialist producing intellectual services to governments, schools and leaders to improve their education policies and practices. Moreover, Rumyantseva who works in Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, stated “Flourishing of educational corruption has a negative impact on society. It undermines public trust in higher education, exacerbates the quality of education, prepares unqualified young professionals, and teaches them distorted values and culture” (2005). As was written by Heyneman, S.P. (Vanderit University), Anderson, K. H. (Vanderit University), & Nuraliyeva, N. (International Kazakh-Turkish University), after the collapse of USSR, corruption has rapidly increased and has become one of the most serious issues in Ex-Soviet countries. Moreover, the authors above emphasized that the cost of corruption in higher education is analogous to reducing the economic productivity of a university due to a reduction in its quality (2006).
First of all, some authors as Orkodashvili and Sahlberg tried to identify which circumstances could cause teachers and students to be involved in corruption (Orkodashvili is a professor at Vanderbilt University, also she has published a lot of working papers about education, methods of teaching and other works which...

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