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Corruption In India Essay

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Corruption in IndiaFor centuries bribes have commonly been used to get ahead in the 'crooked' world. Now day's bribes have mainly been used to speed up business deals. This has now been considered to be an unethical act that is intolerable in every country. India in particular is having a huge problem with this corruption and is struggling to keep bribes under control (Sethi, 2011). This corruption has many negative effects on foreign companies that have interest in investing in India. The question is, can the corruption be decreased in India or will it just be an inevitable downfall for India in the future.Firstly, bribery is the main for that the corruption in India takes. In India, pay is very low and there is not much pension money. Therefore bribes are there to move business processes alone quickly, this has always been a tradition. Many people also use bribes to avoid problems with the authorities (NDTV, 2010). Due to these circumstances, bribes are hard to pass up and are sometimes crucial for a business to succeed. "In India, 54 per cent of users of services said they paid bribe to receive attention from service providers." (NDTV, 2010) This is hard to imagine but many service providers need to take bribes in order to receive business from lower class citizens.Bribery in Western countries is much less common but still seen. This corruption is very unfair but only grows due to the fact that if businesses wish to survive, they must take bribes. Companies from the West do not want to pay bribes but end up paying bribes when they get desperate to get the business and also to win contracts with governments. There are laws in most western countries that make it an offence to pay bribes abroad. Canada is one of them (Balla, 2011). Efforts to stop public servants from taking bribes have been tried many times. For example, various means of higher salaries, pension like in Canada, which has stopped most Canadian public servants from taking bribes. Unfortunately due to the low pay and no pension money in India, the bribes are still constant. The question is, what effects can this now have on foreign companies that have interest in India?Lastly, due to the high bribery rate in India, if a foreign company wishes to invest, they must compete with other companies which are willing to take bribes. Does this...

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