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Corruption In Romania Essay

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Corruption In RomaniaCorruption is a global phenomenon that is found at all levels of society and in all fields. This phenomenon is quite relative, because what is corrupt in a society, in another can be accepted and allowed. Therefore corruption is not universally valid, but they differ from one society to another. However, in recent years this has become increasingly disturbing and difficult to control. There are books in the economic literature that define and try to theorize this social economic phenomenon but also international organizations that run programs in this regard. A definition of Transparency International, an anti-corruption organization says that "Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power, either in public or in private, in order to satisfy personal or group interests."[1:]For the establishment of this case, I started from the hypothesis that Romania is a corrupt country.Corruption is one of the most serious problems facing our country. This is indicated by the sociological research conducted in the population by civil society organizations specialized in the field, and international partner organizations.Corruption in post-communist Romania was one of the factors that have hampered the progress of economic and political development, an element who sabotaged from the interior, the road and Romania's aspirations search for normality after 1989.Romania is ranked 66 in Transparency International's 2012 ranking on corruption perception, achieving a score of 44, is on par with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and climb to new positions against the previous year. The level of corruption in Romania is perceived as particularly high, it is associated with numerous adverse macroeconomic effects. These include reducing investment and GDP growth, reducing the flow of foreign direct investment, income inequality and misallocation of government resources. [2:]However, corruption was one of the reasons for which we have not received in the Schengen area.Corruption is definitely an...

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