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Corvettes1953 corvetteOne car that always catches my eye is the sporty look of the corvette. Both the looks and the perfomance are stunning. The destinct rear and duel exhaust are partial to the corvette crave. The first corvette was made in June of 1953 at the Flint, Michigan assembly plant. 300 of the original vettes were produced and about 200 of them still are in the hands of collectors.Zora Arkus-Duntov joined Chevrolet Motor Division in 1953 and became the chief engineer of the Corvette. "He looked at the Corvette with the trained eye of a European enthusiast, having thought long and hard about how to successfully market a sports car."-Dave McLellan. Zora was born on cristmas day in 1909 in belgium, he graduated form the Institute of Charlottenburg in 1934. Zora joined General Motors in 1953 after seeing the Motorama Corvette on display in New York. Soon, Zora became director of high performance at Chevrolet he introduce the small-block V8 engine to the Corvette enabling the car to beet the stock car record.The first corvette was introduced in 1953, they were all hand-built and held a six-cylinder engin. All of the first-year cars were polo white with sportsman red interiors. In 1955 the V-8 engin was avalable. In 1960 the car got its very destinct duel exhaust, one of the resons the car has such force. In 1961 and 1962 seat belts, rearview mirrors, lockable rear seat storage area, sunvisor, heater and defroster, and windshield washers were all stock in production. In 1963 the corvette recived major remodiling. The car got a sleacker front end and a rocket looking rear.1962 corvette 1963 corvette From 1963 to 1967 there were only minor changes in production. In 1964 the split back window was turned into a singel peace of glass. A new eggcreat grille was added along with crome plated exhaust, and spoke-style wheel covers. In 1968 the corvette received more body changes. It featured a removable back window and a two-piece detachable roof section called a T-top. The car had a better aerodynamic design, and the door handels were replaced by push bottons. 1968 corvette ...

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