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Cosmetic Surgery: Risky And Unnecessary Surgery

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Is cosmetic or plastic surgery helpful, or damaging to an individual’s mind and body? The two main branches of plastic surgery are reconstructive and cosmetic (“Plastic Surgery Addicts”). This is the reason why the terms cosmetic and plastic are used interchangeably in the medical field. Some people may think that all surgery is the same, although cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries are not identical. The difference is that reconstructive surgery is used to fix parts of the body that are damaged (Lee). Cosmetic surgery is used in removing, altering or rearranging tissues of the body (Lee). The word plastic does not actually refer to real plastic. “Plastic surgery” comes from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means to shape or mold (Olesen 10). The significant issues of cosmetic surgery, such as self-esteem problems, surgeons making mistakes, risks and people becoming addicted make me believe that it is unnecessary.
There is a one in 250,000 chance of dying when going under the knife, but why risk going under for cosmetic surgery at all? (Olesen 50).Plastic surgery is not something that has just been recently developed. It has been around since as far back as 800 B.C. in India (“Cosmetic”). As one of the punishments, people’s noses were removed. Surgeons would try to repair them to the best of their ability. War also played a large role in plastic surgery. This was considered reconstructive surgery because soldiers who had it done were usually severely hurt in battle. Cosmetic surgery became more modern and well known in the 1960’s and 70’s (“Health Questions”). Cosmetic surgery is sure to expand its influence in the future as technology continues to improve.
There are many reasons why patients have low self-esteem and assume that getting surgery will solve all of their problems. One reason is that they believe their body is terribly ugly, even if friends, family members and partners tell them that they are beautiful and look perfectly fine. This is called body dysmorphic disorder, commonly referred to as BDD. BDD can lead to many concerns, such as school dropouts and suicides (Olesen 28-29). For instance, one fourth of pre-teens ages nine to thirteen have looked negatively upon themselves (“Teens”). Other people may think that surgery will solve their depression, anxiety and/or marriage and relationship issues. Depression is not something that will just go away; it needs to be gradually worked on. The individual may feel better for a little while, but their depression is still bound to return. The same goes with anxiety. Getting help from someone specialized with disorders would be a better option. As far as marriage is concerned, some men and women criticize their spouses. They may think that altering their body will make their partner happier and want to stay with them. Surgery cannot change life’s predicaments. For example, with intimacy issues, a woman may think that the size of her breasts relates to this problem. Is a spouse that is...

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