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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been a growing fascination for many people over the last couple of decades. The public eye has been watching movie stars and rock stars enhance their looks by getting breast implants, nose jobs, lip jobs etc. In Gary Schaefer’s article, “Emerging From Stigma, Cosmetic Surgery Remaking Face of Japan” from the Edmonton Journal, we hear the story of a nineteen year old woman named Risa Arato. She had a makeover done on the prime time Japanese television show, “Beauty Colosseum.” People of today are being offered this life altering surgery in a less expensive and more convenient way then ever before. What once was considered “disrespectful” to parents is now being supported by them. High risks have been reduced greatly in cosmetic surgery and there are less allergic reactions then ever before. Still, with Japan being in an economic slump, this surgery has been higher in business then in the years past. Gary Schaefer conveys in the article that this is becoming a global fascination that may or may not be hurtful to everyone who uses it. He does not necessarily take a strong stance but rather leaves it open to the readers to discuss this question.

Millions of young children are growing up watching their role models on television and in movies and what they see are beautiful people. Is this beauty natural, received through genes or even make up? Surprisingly a large percent of people in show business have cosmetic surgery done to them. This use to be a trend that stayed in show business because of the expense, but now these days the surgery is so cheap that the public is becoming almost addictive to it. A simple “botolium toxin”, which is a wrinkle reducer, is leading to getting your nose touched on or even your lips and the list goes on. Mr. Schaefer shows some of the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery. While there is little risk involved to you physically, the question is how it will affect you mentally and I believe ultimately this life altering surgery will change people’s lives in a good way.

All though some would disagree, many people are being tormented while growing up for their appearances. They say it is what is on the inner surface or a person’s personality that really matters, yet the childish ridiculing of others does not stop. Risa Arato had to take such verbal abuse from her own “estranged father.” He told her after not seeing her since she was very young that “she hadn’t turned out very cute.” This would crush anyone after not seeing their father for years, only to be hurt by him when they do. How can anyone grow up with a healthy self esteem after going through such torture? The nineteen year old decided to take action after going through all of this and this action was made possible by “Beauty Colosseum.” The television show has helped many people, not only Risa, in ridding of their “social stigma.”

It is, in fact, very shallow to judge people by their looks,...

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