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Cosmetic Surgery No Longer Only For The Rich And Famous

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Cosmetic surgery companies offer many options in which to finance cosmetic procedures for individual of all income levels. There were over 10 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2008, as reported by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). (Surgery, 2009) The statistic mentioned, clearly shows how many of us now would be willing to undergo cosmetic surgery. But, have you asked why? In today’s society, plastic surgery is the number one chosen alternative decision for the augmentation of physical appearance, scar repair and for the repair of a deformity, whether it be a birth defect or disfigurement from an accident.
Millions of people, if not all of us are not content with our physical appearance and are
endlessly trying to find quick fixes for looking and feeling better about ourselves. For instance, have you ever looked in the mirror and didn’t like what was reflected back at you? A lot of people turn to cosmetic surgery to transform their bodies and feel better about themselves. People undergo cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. They may want to look younger. They may want to change a feature they never liked. They may want to be skinner or even be healthier. There is a cosmetic procedure for nearly every complaint or dissatisfaction you can imagine. “We, as American’s engage in gluttony, then we lipo the evidence away. We give birth, and then we get a “mommy makeover” to transform our postpartum bodies into sleek youthful ones. When we commit the ultimate sin of aging, we smooth away all evidence of nature’s natural course by paralyzing our faces with Botox” (Essig, 2009). A crooked nose? There’s a cure for that too.
Over exposure to celebrities, super models and fashion have given young adults in America a warped sense of what dictates “beautiful”. In addition to aesthetic reasons for desiring to change one’s physical appearance, there are also many psychological issues that contribute to this growing trend of “quick fixes” (Choosing Cosmetic Surgery, 2010).
Aside from overexposure to seemingly impossible to achieve standards of beauty for the ordinary person, people are driven to cosmetic surgery because they suffer from low self-esteem, unhappiness with their own body images and too much insecurity. People who have been called “fat” or “ugly” suffer from emotional trauma that lead to a sense of desperation. We are so influenced by the beautiful faces and bodies flashed on the screens of our television, that we try to copy and reinvent ourselves in an attempt to somehow complete the missing part some of us have.
Another prevalent reason for plastic surgery is the removal or the lessening of unsightly scars. First, by understanding what scars are and the varying types and degrees of them, we may be able to gain a better understanding as to why so many more people are turning to plastic surgery to repair them. Our skin is a seamless...

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