Cosmetic Surgery: Only Superficial Essay

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There is a surprising amount of significance in the well known cliché we all want what we don't have. Whether this "want" is centered on obtaining material goods, or simply the desire to obtain what our neighbors have, the constant quest for quenching this thirst has kept technological advancements on the rise. Moreover, the rapid progress that technology has exhibited in the efforts to accommodate individuals with the desire to modify, add, and enhance physical features, is exemplary. With the threat of the physical changes that accompany age, as well as the inevitable insecurities that individuals experience regarding their bodies because of the comparison to their peers or ever medial figures, cosmetic surgery has become the attractive alternative to their unhappiness. Gregory McGhee, MD stated "People come in and often want me to change their entire body. They tell me their lives will be better if they only looked beautiful. They think cosmetic surgery is the cure to all of their problems." Cosmetic surgery procedures are dangerous because they perpetuate immediate gratification, entail many psychological damages, as well as cause physical problems.Although the use of cosmetic plastic surgery has recently taken a rise in the last fifty years, the reconstructive use of this medical procedure was highly utilized throughout history. Many individuals believe that cosmetic surgery is beneficial for this reason. During the combat of World War I and World War II, many individuals lay victim to physical damages as well as loss of appendages. "In the effort to assimilate these war heroes back into society after their duty in the wars were over, attempts to repair their injuries was important" (Gilman 24). Perhaps the most relevant use of plastic surgery was that aimed towards facial and bodily reconstruction of war veterans; however, since then society's priorities have changed. Since the establishment of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons in 1931, the shift from reconstruction to cosmetic plastic surgery has occurred.This means of self transformation may seem to be more prevalent in areas of the world obsessed with ideals of beauty and staying young, such as America and Europe. "Perhaps the more important realization is that using plastic surgery as a self modifying technique is significantly impacting the entire globe" (Haiken). This impact is a negative one. One pertinent example of this global interest in reshaping one's body is the fact that Brazil is one of the top four countries participating in cosmetic surgery. Likewise, in accordance with the idea that certain cultures emphasize the importance of particular body features, the types of plastic surgery that are in high demand for each region of the world are proof of this. While Americans seem to be fixated on breast augmentations for superficial reasons, other countries such as China are utilizing plastic surgery as a mode to gain a few inches in height in order to secure a...

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