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Cosmetic Surgery: Why Do People Put Their Life In Danger So They Can Look Better?

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In 1999, a series by the Sun Sentinel found that “34 deaths in the preceding 12 years had been caused by plastic surgery” (LaMendola and Kestin). Which sparks a question, why do people put their lives in danger so they can look more attractive? Today we see the media proclaims that beauty is being skinny, having a thigh gap, having a pretty face, perfect teeth, or even big breasts. These factors push many young women as well as men to put their lives in danger just so they can be accepted by society because it puts too much emphasis on physical attractiveness. Now the real question comes to mind: is it really worth to risk our lives just to be able to be accepted by the people around us, ...view middle of the document...

By 1984 the number had grown to 477,000 plastic surgeries performed, and finally by 2007 the number had morphed to 11,701,031 these numbers represent a 162% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures performed (Borak). Cosmetic surgeries have been on of the most increasing procedures done around the world and will continue to expand and go beyond their limits.
The most important reason why so many people support plastic surgery is because “people can be made to look healthy, vital and youthful” (Law). Most women who had breast-reduction surgery have been very satisfied with the outcome. They have claimed to have “increase in self-esteem and fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression” (Fanu). People who have plastic surgery are in pursuit to look beautiful, and to be more confident with their bodies. One of these people was an 18 year-old Martha who had breast implants. Martha decided to have surgery done on her breast because she had breast augmentation, which runs in her family. At the end of the surgery Martha was pleased with the results “I look proportional” she said (Davis). On top of that people choose to have plastic surgery in order to increase their chance of being hired. There has been increasing research that states that beautiful people make more money and have more opportunities for advancement (Wolgemuth). The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery reports that two thirds of its members have had some kind of plastic surgery because “they wanted to remain competitive in the workplace” (Wolgemuth). Plastic surgery allows people to feel more confident and to be pleased with their bodies.
One key factor to consider about plastic surgery is that there is a risk of dying, or getting injured. In one case a 32-year-old mother of six children went in to get liposuction in February 2010, she ended up dying the next day “from a toxic mix of the surgical anesthetic lidocaine and oxycodone pain pills” (Kestin and LaMendola). Unfortunately she was not the only victim of plastic surgery. In 2003, almost 336,000 teens 18 or younger had some kind of plastic surgery and one of those people was Kacey Lond who had breast augmentation. After the surgery Long reported, “‘I couldn’t lift...

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