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Cosmetic Testing On Animals, Is It Necessary?

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Why should animals have to die, just for humans to have cosmetics? It is understandable if you want to cover up a scar on your face, but to just wear makeup because you think you need it, or because you feel like you cannot live without it, is ridiculous. Animals should not be dyeing for our insecurities on how we look, or on how society judges us. If society sees someone who is not Barbie or Ken perfect they judge us, so we put makeup on, it is not right for society to do that. Because of their judging cosmetics is being tested on animals, and many of them are dying.
Currently hundreds of thousands of animals die while being tested on for cosmetics. The animals being tested on die because of allergic reactions, mostly, and scientists do not want to give them anything to stop the allergic reaction because it would interfere with their research, so they let them die. Other times the animal dies because the testing freaks them out and they go crazy and no one can calm them so they have to put them down. Cosmetics tested on animals should be banned because they use exotic animals, it is dangerous, and costly.
When scientists have exotic animals, they may or may not realize that they are taking from their natural habitat. When exotic animals are torn from their environment, it causes them to have many difficulties in life. So is cosmetic research really worth destroying an animal’s personality. The exotic animals become anti-social with their own kind and with other animals that they would socialize with in their natural habitat. They become dangerous to themselves, to their own kind, and they can get very aggressive against everyone and everything.
Not only does cosmetic testing kill domesticated animals like dogs and cats, but it also kills exotic animals like apes, and monkeys, and many farm animals. Some...

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