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Cosmetology Essay

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Cosmetology Overview
Think you have to go to traditional college to make the big bucks in a career? Think again. Do you like to give make-overs? Are you always looking at people and trying to figure out how to make them less ugly? Do you pride yourself on always looking your best with the latest styles and current hair trends? If you've made it this far, cosmetology may be the answer to your dream of making major mullah while setting your own hours, using that creative brain of yours, and looking absolutely smashing while doing it.
Cosmetology is defined as the art and science of beautifying the hair, skin, and nails, but as a cosmetologist, you know that it is actually much more than ...view middle of the document...

When you've finally reached your last day of cosmetology school, the day you've waited for for so long, you should have the skills and knowledge necessary to pass your state's cosmetology state board written and practical tests in order to receive a license to actually charge people to make them look smokin' hot.
Beauty school can be rough at times. In school, there are subjects where you think
'Why in the world would I need to know this to cut someone's hair?'. You will learn basic anatomy and physiology, chemistry (hello, we do work with chemicals every day), electricity (do NOT try to blow dry your client's hair while she is still IN the shampoo bowl), infection control (you don't want to catch that head lice your last client had, do you?), and salon business, among other things.
If your school has a clinic floor, you'll be sure to have clients from all walks of life. From mullets to Victoria's Secret runway model hair, you'll have a taste of all of that in cosmetology school. Generally, prices for client services tend to be less expensive at a beauty school. Think about it, wouldn't it be a little terrifying knowing that you are a student's first 'guinea pig'?
There should be instructors guiding you along the way, but as a blossoming stylist, confidence in your technical skills cannot be masked. No matter what kind of 'do your client is wanting, know that cosmetology school is a forgiving environment that prepares you to have the skills necessary to pass the cosmetology state board written and practical tests.
There are 2 major parts of cosmetology school: theory class and technical class. Theory is where you are taught lecture classes from chapters in the book, and technical class is where you are taught the hands-on skills and techniques that you will use in performing cosmetological (nice word, huh?) services. You'll learn to swivel your shears and make hair fly like a pro.
Now we are going to talk about some subjects that you will be likely to encounter in theory class and on the state board written test.

Infection Control
First, and probably most important, is infection control. Why do we need to know about infection control? Because if our tools and implements are not properly disinfected, we can pass on infectious diseases to our clients, or contract them ourselves. Ouch. This is serious stuff.
First you will need to know about cells and what makes up a cell. Really? Yes. Many people just remember all this mumbo-jumbo long enough to pass the test, then it goes out of their heads quicker than burning bleach on a sensitive scalp, but really knowing and understanding these concepts will set you apart from others in the industry.
Ok, so we need to be concerned with the cell membrane, protoplasm, cytoplasm, and the nucleus. Cells are everywhere. They make up bacteria (pathogenic-harmful, nonpathogenic-harmless and may be beneficial), they make up the flakey dandruff that is snowing off your client's...

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