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Cosmetology And Galmour Failure Essay

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The fashion of elaborating the glamor of others may seem insignificant to some but for those in the course of pondering the cosmetology industry hold great gratification in the task they intend to achieve. Hair stylist and nail technicians improve the way people appear and feel to exede self confidence; cosmetologist strive to do the best they can to achieve the look that their client desires. However, these techniques must be taught thoroughly and without the proper guidance, the upcoming cosmetologist may feel behind and hesitant about their abilities when performing on clients. Without the proper and professional ways of teaching, the students struggle to ever gain prosperity in the business; this trade builds only from the repetition of great work and failing to achieve the overall style of the desired look from the client will result in a failing business. The pursuit of finding a successful and up to date school requires more adherence than one may assume.

Dilemmas seen in the cosmetology schools starts with an abhorrent instructor. One of the expected requirements of the instructor consist of leading by example; although the students enrolled in the class rage in age, they know what the expectations to withhold..Many teenagers fail to grasp the correct habits of becoming responsible, but a respectable instructor follows her own rules and guidelines to enforce a stabilized program. An unacceptable behavior from the instructor includes consistently arriving late: in order to gain a license in this field, fifteen hundred hours must be completed within the times allowed. Leaving the building freely and allowing other students to observe the work remains unacceptable (Cosmetology Teacher Job Description). The students have payed for guidance from the instructor who owns the business. Allowing other students to act as an instructor during the true instructor absence disregards policies. As students acquire queries, the premium fashion of training grants the students opportunities to practice on complications; although a minimum cost is associated with training, the task must be performed in accordance of advancing. The cost of the program includes the materials needed to learn the task, not see the task done by someone else (Cosmetology Teacher Job Description).

The excessive use of video tapes from over a decade ago excluded the students from the finest learning experience. The use of videos develop value for students to grasp an overall understanding of the skill; however, the availability of live skills provides an optimum view for the students by the advantage of asking questions in the process of the procedure. The repetitive routine of observing out of date videos and hearing the same monotone voice daily causes students to become uninterested in the techniques displayed. An acceptable video to view includes: common hairstyle procedures performed with a variety of tools used in the hair industry. Dedicated instructors encourage...

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