Cosmology Assignment On The Origin And Fate Of The Universe High School/Science Assignment

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Year? ?10? ?Cosmology? ?Assignment
Origin? ?and? ?Fate? ?of? ?the? ?Universe
David? ?Luong
Mr? ?Kores
Alfred? ?Deakin? ?High? ?School,? ?Science? ?-? ?Extended
As? ?described? ?by? ?,? ?2015? ?the? ?Aztec? ?people? ?were? ?an? ?ethnic? ?group? ?that
lived? ?around? ?central? ?Mexico? ?and? ?spoke? ?the? ?Nahuatl? ?language.? ?Nomadic? ?people? ?known
as? ?Mexicas,? ?started? ?venturing? ?into? ?central? ?Mexico? ?and? ?started? ?banding? ?together? ?to? ?build
a? ?city? ?(Tenochitlan)? ?which? ?soon? ?became? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?largest? ?cities? ?in? ?the? ?world? ?and? ?started
the? ?rise? ?of? ?the? ?Aztec? ?Empire.? ?At? ?the? ?height? ?of? ?its? ?power? ?the? ?Aztec? ?Empire? ?was? ?strong? ?and
ruled? ?with? ?fear? ?until? ?the? ?Spanish? ?and? ?Aztec? ?Empire? ?met? ?it? ?caused? ?the? ?culture? ?and
structure? ?of? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?biggest? ?empires? ?to? ?virtually? ?collapse? ?and? ?dissolve.
The? ?Aztec? ?interpretation? ?of? ?the? ?universe? ?is? ?a? ?story? ?of? ?creation,? ?which? ?in? ?turn? ?is? ?actually? ?a
story? ?of? ?birth,? ?death? ?and? ?rebirth.? ?At? ?the? ?beginning? ?of? ?time? ?it? ?was? ?a? ?void? ?but? ?at? ?some
ancient? ?time? ?the? ?dual? ?god? ?Ometecuhtli/Omecihuatl? ?created? ?it? ?self.? ?This? ?dual? ?god? ?was
both? ?good? ?and? ?bad,? ?chaos? ?and? ?order,? ?male? ?and? ?female.? ?With? ?it? ?being? ?both? ?male? ?and
female? ?it? ?had? ?4? ?children,? ?each? ?of? ?which? ?represented? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?4? ?directions? ?of
north,south,? ?east? ?and? ?west.The? ?gods? ?were? ?called? ?Huizilopochtli? ?(south),? ?Quetzalcoatl
(east),Tezcatlipoca? ?(west),? ?and? ?Xipe? ?Totec? ?(north).? ?These? ?directions? ?were? ?important? ?as
the? ?Aztecs? ?since? ?their? ?empire? ?was? ?believed? ?to? ?be? ?at? ?the? ?centre? ?of? ?the? ?universe.
As? ?the? ?4? ?gods? ?began? ?to? ?create? ?they? ?created? ?water,? ?other? ?gods? ?and? ?a? ?sea? ?monster? ?by? ?the
name? ?of? ?Cipactli.? ?Cipactli? ?was? ?a? ?massive? ?creature? ?that? ?was? ?part? ?fish? ?and? ?part? ?crocodile
and? ?which? ?lived? ?in? ?the? ?water.? ?As? ?the? ?4? ?gods? ?created? ?more? ?things? ?they? ?ran? ?into? ?a? ?problem
as? ?their? ?creations? ?would? ?fall? ?into? ?the? ?water? ?and? ?be? ?consumed? ?by? ?Cipactli.? ?This? ?caused
the? ?gods? ?to? ?go? ?into? ?battle? ?against? ?Cipactli.? ?The? ?4? ?gods? ?pulled? ?Cipactli? ?in? ?4? ?directions
destroying? ?it? ?which? ?created? ?the? ?universe? ?with? ?earth? ?being? ?created? ?into? ?the? ?middle? ?and? ?the
creature's? ?tail? ?reaching? ?down? ?into? ?the? ?underworld.
The? ?next? ?stage? ?of? ?this? ?story? ?was? ?the? ?tale? ?of? ?five? ?suns.? ?To? ?complete? ?the? ?world? ?they
needed? ?they? ?needed? ?the? ?greatest? ?source? ?of? ?energy? ?which? ?was? ?the? ?sun.? ?When? ?the? ?sun
was? ?too? ?big? ?they? ?needed? ?to? ?sacrifice? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?children? ?and? ?the? ?god? ?chosen? ?was
Tezcatlipoca.? ?This? ?stage? ?was? ?known? ?as? ?the? ?Jaguar? ?sun.?...

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