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Cosmology: Fundamental Forces Essay

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The study of cosmology reveals a number of fundamental forces relevant to today’s understanding of the universe. The universe is administered by four fundamental forces, or interactions. These four forces are the strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force, and then gravity. The strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force work at the atomic level but we can observe gravity and electromagnetism every day. If these four fundamental forces of nature were not working together, our world would break apart and float aimlessly into unconsciousness.
The power fullest of the four fundamental forces of the environment is the strong nuclear force, also named the strong interaction. This force acts in contradiction of the forces of repulsion of protons and binds neutrons and protons to enclose them within the atomic nuclei. This is how the nucleus of the atom is composed. The influence is so strong that the minute particle that carries the force is called “gluon,” which is meant “glue” in Latin. The strength of this effect is very demanding. The protons and electrons are sensitive and have to be exactly arranged and a have the right distance away from each other.
The weak interaction is what I mentioned as the weak force and they mean the same. It maintains the balance of the society within the nucleus of the atom. This balance of protons and neutrons assures that things do not suddenly break or put out any damaging radiation. By way of the balance is maintained, atoms are able to transform without disintegrating and continue to survive. The weak nuclear force acts as a precaution belt that protects our existence from any maltreatment that would come from unconfined, uncontrollable particles. It is also accountable for radioactive decay, more specifically, beta decay. Beta decay happens inside the nucleus and is the transformation of a neutron into a proton and an electron.
The electromagnetic (EM) force acts among electrically charged particles. This force entails that...

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