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Cost Of Higher Education Essay

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Education is compulsory for most people in order to survive and have a good life. To be educated, one needs to pass through a number of education levels such as primary school, high school, university, etc. Higher education also known as university education is the most important level because it prepares ones for their futures. However, the cost of higher education is a highly debated issue worldwide. “The three broad questions on higher education were: Who should pay? Who benefits? Is it worth it?” (Slaper, Amia 3)To understand the topic better, one must examine the primary arguments in favor of higher education with free of charge, arguments against free education under any circumstances, ...view middle of the document...

According to “Free Higher Education”;
The most significant misconception is that financial aid makes college affordable for those who can least afford it. In fact, financial aid has undergone a repackaging that has hit hardest the students and families who need it most, and that has increased the financial burden for most working families. (ReedJr., Sharon)
Due to the fee burden, only a number of families afford to put their children in colleges and universities. The percentages of students in universities globally are]11.5% males and 11.7% females (qtd. in Gölpek 53).The percentages are very low. If the expensiveness of higher education continues, there will be lack of educated people. Countries develop when citizens are educated. Without education, there will be significance problems such as, poverty, job issues, financial crisis, lack of human resources, etc. Therefore, if higher education is free of charge, there will be no fees burden for students and the countries. More students will attend universities. More educated citizens will help to develop the countries all over the world. Clearly, higher education with free tuition is a topic of great concern.
There are also many compelling arguments against any form of free-tuition for higher educational study. One part of the fees is used for enhancing the quality of education. Technology develops very dramatically during the last decades. Education needs to follow up with technologies and makes use of technologies to improve the quality of education. For example, universities need to have computer labs for students to do researches, projectors for professors to lecture, etc. Thus, quality education requires cost education. The rate of which students are charged also affects the future of education. Every businessperson, including those investing in education, needs to at least gain some profits from their business....

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