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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Morality in war is contraband.” There is never a moral thing about war. It is the killing and slaughtering of those who are as guilty as they are innocent. It is the duty, however, of a soldier to do as he is told. The way common soldiers rationalize the things they must do in times of war is by believing that the blood they shed will be on the metaphorical hands of their superiors. There are no morals in war. There is survival and logic. How to keep other people alive, kill one to save a thousand, kill one to save two, kill a child to save a comrade. These are the common debate topics between those who long for world peace and those who try to keep it. It can be amazing, people who cry and beg and plea for the world to be at peace, and yet they criticize and verbally rape those who would give their life to keep it. It is disgusting that those who are calling for peace would never have anyone remove the people who call for genocide from this earth. These people assume that everyone wants world peace, and that no one should have to kill. They play on the idea that it is immoral to kill anyone no matter what the crime, and yet they do not realize that by continuing to let criminals live, is an act of killing others. Who then is a criminal, the man who shoots a tyrant, or the man who lets him go?
There was a story, written about a soldier, named Marcus Luttrell, who came across some goat farmers while he and his men were on a mission. There was no way to go around these farmers, and he was afraid they would alert the enemy of their position. So, he had a choice, move past the farmers in hopes they did not alert the enemy, or kill the farmers. He took a vote with his men, who decided to not kill the farmers, and the deciding vote was his. After 19 people had died trying to get the soldiers out of the firefight which took place soon after this decision was made, Luttrell was the only man alive to be brought home. Sometimes in war, you have to put your morality aside, in order to have the best outcome to others. The soldier who survived, his name was Marcus Luttrell, after this mission, he had suffered several injuries, he lost three men who were in his squad and the remaining where in a helicopter which was shot down in attempt to rescue him. While it could be questioned that his decision to save the goat herders saved his life as an act of God, it could also be debated, that had he done what he was morally compelled not to do, there would be 19 extra people on a military base right now. The new movie The lone Survivor recounts his story with almost exact accuracy. This story exemplifies the fact that war is never clean, and going right or left is both the right thing and the wrong thing to do. War can put people into situations they never thought they would be in, it can require people to do things they never thought they would have to do. War isn’t a clean business, and everyone gets their hands dirty. Sometimes, you do...

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